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The Battle Reports

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Let's give a big Waaagh! to this page!! We will bring you battles that we played and then put up pics, stats and turn-by-turn action that you might read in White Dwarf. We will have this page up soon, as soon as we play the first game! Let the carnage begin!! The first game will probably be regular Warhammer. Once a few guys have established War40K armies we will then begin play!

dwarfSpace Marine Biker

Oct. 22

OK, Battle Report date. We should have one done by this weekend. Orcs and Dwarfs. It may not look good, but it'll be sweet!

The Grudge War

Torgo the leader of the kraz-nork army was surveing the vast plains that stretched out below his vantage point on the mountains. His mission was to conquer land back from the orcs at the base of the mountains that used to be dwarfs communities. Torgo was readying his lines for the finally decent onto the ground below. When they reached the floor of the plains greenis poured out of the forest's not far away. Quikcly as a dwarf could torgo got his lines into formation ready to with stand the procceding wall of green. His regiment of hammers egar to get to the fight charged forward closing the gape. Torgo tried to controll them but their pure hatred made them disobey. The orc general dakurk took advantage of this mistake an ordered his two chariot's to charge the dumb stunties and kill dem'll.............

Justin's Horde plan

Well for the inagural report on our website we felt it would be apropriate to do one on the new warhammer and we did a doozy, my orc army vs my brothers dwarf army. The battle was 2150pts and was rolled to last 4 turns.

On to my army selection, first i took the compulsary leader,a black orc Waaagh lord. He is a big mean fighter and a good leader to boot!=). I armed him with the "Battle ax of the great WAAAGH" which adds D6 to his attacks. He also has heavy armour and a sheild giving him+3 save in combat. He is placed in a unit of 23 black orcs with spears, sheild and heavy armourthat cost a bundle but are worth it as they are totally awsome if they get into combat.

My next two choices are necessary because the hate dwarves. Night goblins! They are cheap and have two fanatics each!! To complete my core troops I took a unit of orc archers and a unit of orc warriors both with lots of numbers! On to the fun troops! First 2 wolf chariots that can slaughter any regiment they chare! I add ed the charge of the trolls to help break any opponent. To finish it off I have a stone thrower and 8 boar boyz, the boar boyz should attract alot of the dwarf fire and they aren't very expensive. FOr magic support i have two orc lvl.2 shamans. One uses the beast lore and one the shadow lore. My main battle plan is to take the attack to the dwarfs so that i lose as little numbers as possible before the hand -to-hand combat takes place. Since the dwarfs are so slow iwas hoping to get the first charge which would give me a great advantage.

The Horde Itself

Black orc warboss,battle axe of the great waaagh,sheild, heavy armour(204).23 black orcs,heavey armour,sheild,spears,sta/mus/champ(439). 40 night goblins,sta/mus/champ,sheild,spear,2 fanatics(150). 44 night goblins,sta/mus/champ,bowz,2 fanatics(162).27 orcs,sheild,light armour,spears,sta/mus/champ(236) orc shaman,lvl.2,balcum staff,spells=eaglescry,the crows least(150).2 wolf chariots(120). 1 stonethrower(70).18 orc archers,boss(172).5boar boyz(85).shaman,lvl.2,boar,spells=unseen lurker,steed of shadows(102) three trolls(150) This makes a grand total of 2150 points.

The Dwarfs Plan

( just so you guys know cody, the dwarf army general is not that old and didn't really feel that writing any tactics were necesary. as all he did was attack if possible even if it meant stepping in range of two chariots. Bad move. So this is just to let you know that he was at a disadvantage but he is being instructed by a great (Justin)so he will improve. So after reading his tactics which just consisted of " i gave him this....... so he could kill alot of greenies" i decided that it would be better to think of this battle as a surprise attack on the dwarfs representing their "confusion" in the ranks.

The Dwarf Army