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The Warhammer and 40K Site

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Welcome to our Warhammer and 40K site! This is our little place to tell you about Warhammer 40k and the original Warhammer!Space Marines of the Emperor We will try to bring you a little bit of the White Dwarf magazine, except with our own little twist. We will tell you about our Battle Reports, which will probably be monthly.Dark Eldar We will show you our armies that we collect and maybe get a bigger fanbase for this great game! We also hope to offer a little insight into the game and give you winning tactics that we use in our games.

We are trying to get pics of our armies up on this site. We think that you will like them.

This is our staff: we will try to put pics of us with our armies in here soon!

Rogan: Wood Elves. He calls them "Thron's arrow ". It's a whopping 5000 pts!He is also collecting an Eldar army.

Justin: Orcs. He calls them "Dakruk's Mighty Waaaagh!". It's a 3500 pt. army.

Wade: Space Marines. I call them the "Dark Paladins". It's about 2800 pts. (Not biased against the original Warhammer)

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You can contact us here. We wanna hear your comments and questions, so send them to us. We will try to get back to you ASAP!

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