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Welcome All.  To find out all the information on this project please go here.

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Message Board For Project X Online

I have final figured out how to do lights! Here is a screenshot of one.

Expect another update shortly.

I have over 105 five maps made for the demo of this game so check it out!

Download Project X as of March 24

I need feedback to tell me what to add or fix.

Keep Checking back I will many updates during the contest!!

Project Log This keeps track of all the stuff I have sine March 8, 2002

You can actually fight monsters in this game talk to npcs buy stuff, has day and night system.  There is a Single Player Mode, Online play, and a map editor.

    Come back soon  I will be posting a kit so you can make your own npcs monsters and items for Project X Online


Jonathan Valentin

Last Update:  March 24, 2002