Enter the mind of  Jay Kirkwood.
See what makes him ticks.
See if he's normal or abnormal,
Outcast or Incast,
White Sheep or Black Sheep.
It doesn't matter what you think
He know who he is, Do you?

Greeting Cybertraveller,
        Come and join me. This area is safe. This is just a quiet place in the backwoods of the space. My only wish is to share my tales of life, death, wishes, desire, and fantasy. You're more than welcome to share the stories with anyone else. All I ask of you is to give credit where credits are due. Not to mention if there is someone who would like to buy or use my arts. Please do get in touch with me and ask me nicely. I would be more likely to grant your wish.

I have made many different kinds of art: Poems, songs, stories, sketch art, and media arts. There's always something new. Right now the new project I'm working on is this web page and a wonderful new computer program called Magix which is a wicked music program where I can make my own track. So far I'm been playing with it learning the tricks and so on. Enough talk. ENJOY MY ARTS!!!


 Going Crazy:

    This Song was.. hmm... just about the turn point of my life as I was entering my adult life. RIT was crap, I found myself being stuck in something I felt I'm not sure I want to continue on. Had a girl problem, money problem, and it was in the summer when everyone is gone and all the suddenly I have those time to myself. I usually keep in touch with myself but at that point I didn't. Even looking over the song. I still feel something is a missing. But then that must be a part of our life. To search for what we want to find.

 Death Kiss:

    Just a declare for me against all those damn hypocrite churches and Religious. Not that I'm atheist. I encourage religious just that there should be no leader or anything at all. To kill the enemies is the word of the god? How odd. To do this and that, then shall you enter the kingdom of heaven? Naw those leader are likely just trying to line their pocket with wealth and power. Only true temple you ever need to pray to your god is yourself. Spend your money on group that surely spend their money and support on people who need it. Not to pay the pastors or to keep up their oh so ever cherished church. Think about it carefully does your god want you to fear him? Worship him in fear? If I was a god. I would have wanted my followers to love me as a person would love their parents, husbands, wives, or lovers. I would even want them to spend their money on helping people out rather than building biggest and the most expensive shrine to worship me.

  Never Let You Go :

    *sigh* Everytime I read this I'm kicking myself in the ass. There was this fine lady. I never worked up the gut to go on to the next level beyond good friendship. I know it sound weird for some of my friends who know me. I was just having a bad streak with ladies and I thought crap I don't want to add her to my bad streak. I really like her a lot. Even to this day I have not stop thinking about her. But if you ask me if I do love her. I would probaly say how can you love someone when they are not close to you? Or be able to see her often.  So I never knew. But If I knew and its true. Then this is what I would feel. Period.

Ohh Ahh:
    Very sober music. IT all hit me when Ken, one of my buddies asked me to help write a song. Basically it was just being stuck in middle of nowhere even when both of us tried to go out and do something about it. We were stuck down by a lot of people. Even when I was at a place to hand in a resume. One asshole has said "Good Luck" even before reading the resume for a computer job. Later on, It has upset me quite a bit so I asked him in the email what it was all about. He said it was cuz I don't have any degrees in computer. Which is bullshit cuz he never looked at my resume just saw that I'm deaf. Not to metion at the time Me and Ken was pretty much wanting some female compaion and were hitting the bar often <grin>.

Am I thinking Too Much?:

    Well, I thought that song up as I was driving on a dark road from Sudbury with Ken S. and Jason S. I was thinking about a lot of thing. It happens when you're just driving in middle of the night and everyone is sleeping. I was driving thru the Algonguin Park Very beautiful. Got me thinking what the hell am I doing on this Earth <grin> just those moments..

White Zombies:

    A weird experince I just had. So I had to write about it <grin> Happened on a party night before the graduation at my High School for my friends so I only had couple hours of sleep and headed off to strange land in Quebec. Those Quebec are crazy drivers!!

Here I come to Save the Day:

    I love that skit with Andy and the Mighty Mouse's "Here I come to save the day" So I had to write a song, a techno song with that phase! So behold my song in honour of Mighty Mouse and Andy Knoffman.


The Hunt:

    Well this story I have wrote for my OAC english class where I have to make a story with Walter Mitty. I was getting petty stressed out with all those shitty romance stories and shakespares so I needed some blood, gore, and hard Sci-Fi. So hence the story but I felt one of the guy's story was much better cuz it talks about Walter killing that damn nazi wannabe Perrrie Boucher

Who am I?:

    It was a sotry I have to write using personification like making an inanimate object sound like its alive so in this case. This is my Rifle, and this is for fun... well just read on and think of Full Metal Jacket :) I really love this story I never knew I coudl write like that. I think that was just when I started noticing I might do like writing, drawing, and reading.


Dying For Mankind:

    A poem I wrote in High school. Just a afterthought when I asked myself whill I want to give up my life for Mankind? I answered my question when we learn how to treat other fairly inculding animals. Then I will.


Music Tracks: