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The 411 on me.
<WOLFPAC RULZ! (WCW) If only they still existed, its WCW wrestling group, *sobbing*> (Cue eerie music, raspy voice) Out of the void of darkness came a man whose goal on earth is to seed untold horrors, forbidden taboos, and chaos. His name is MABUS! Muh ma wa wa wa ah ah ha! (evil laugh) *COUGH* *HACK* *HAAACCCCCKKK* (Normal high pitched voice) Cut the music!! *cough* (shifting my eyes) *ahem* (American accent) My name is John Smith. I am from a small village of Wackaville. I have three brothers and older sister. I'm the baby of the family, which sucks and is cool at the same time. That's my whole life story. That's all I have to say.. Its over....(turning on old LP record (Classic music))

More 411? What the hell?!
<nice mug shot eh? It was taken at RIT, Rochester, NY in 1998>...(Music stop) (Canadian Accent) Sorry, I just don't want to waste my time with those who just want to know me and leave me. Anyway, I am really Jay Kirkwood who lives in Madoc, Ontario, Canada. I got cool brothers and an older sister the oldest is close to 40 years old and the youngest at (bleep!) I can't say it cuz its my sister's age. Everyone is married but me. I don't need the good 'ol ball and chain ;P I was born on May 9 1978, 10:10 AM at Belleville General Hospital (for those who are Astrologer, the info's all here YAA!!).. ohh Nature's calling me *break* (Slient humming, Elevator music starting)

For we're the Knights that goes Ni! Ni! Ni!
??? Now I forgot where we were.. oh well. Here's what I'm gonna to do with this homepage. I'm going to make 4 or more pages. One's for more info on boring me and my family, second's for my hobbies, third's for my training program I'm going to start as soon as I get the "Food Zone" plan in effect and to keep track of my progress, also the workout programs. Lastly but not the least, A page devoted to the craziest, hippest, and bloodly sport ever, BLOOD BOWL! Jason Smith, a fellow friend of mine will be helping me with the scanning pics as soon I make some and send it out to him. A round of huzzah for him! *HUZZAH!!!* NI! NI! NI! Keep coming back for updates! In meanwhile, sign my annoying questbook and/or email me just about everything you want to know


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