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Welcome to the Shrines of Celes, a webpage with shrines devoted to all of the things that I like. There's also some other stuff here. Hope you have a good time!

The Preview Channel Shrine
The Sephiroth Shrine
The Weapons Rights Page
The Wu Fei Page
The Whiteboard
My Incredible Comics!
The Radiohead Page
A Shrine To GUNNM
About Me
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5-9-01: I turned the Radiohead shrine into an entire page for Radiohead, hosted by I'm still working on it, but I've gotten a good deal of stuff on it done so far.
4-28-01: Not a very big update. I customized the ad at the top of my page.
4-01-01: I added a few pictures to the GUNNM shrine, and a link to Thorn No Rose.
3-15-01: I added a shrine to GUNNM and an introduction, and I changed the background on all the pages.
3-7-01: I got an online journal from It's really cool, go check it out.
2-24-01: I added a shrine to Radiohead, a Profile section, and a new Thom Yorke banner. Plus, I added a bit more to the Sephiroth and Preview Channel shrines. Have a pleasant day. O_O
1-27-01: I put up a comic that I made. It's a parody of Sailor Moon. Go see! Have fun and be safe.
1-14-01: Added a banner that I made, and a brand spankin new "Link To Me" page. Enjoy! :)
1-13-01: Added FIVE (count 'em!) new fanarts! One is by me, and the other four are original works by Fallen, an incredibly talented artist friend of mine. Go check them out!
10-14-00: Added a Whiteboard, a fanart by me, new pictures for the main page and the Wu Fei page, and a little tweaking here and there. ^_^;

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My Guestbook!

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