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Updated: September 20
These are some desktop wallpapers I created. They are free for anyone to use so feel free to make them your desktop wallpaper. But please Ask before posting them on your site and give credit where credit is due. Thanks and enjoy! -Ajantis
Futuristic Desktop Wallpaper 1
Futuristic Desktop Wallpaper 2
Futuristic Desktop Wallpaper 3
SWG Han Solo & Chewy
Han Solo and Chewy
Ajantis chillen with his buds
Opps how did this one slip in here *smile*
He sure doesn't look busy *grin*
Copyright Ajantis 2003 All graphics and pictures Copyright Ajantis. Please ask before using them. Of course I can't stop you, if people can "steal" songs over the internet, I'm sure clicking Save As on a picture and claiming onwership is much easier if anyone actually cared. But I ask just out of respect anyway since I'm the respectful type of guy. ;) Dont deny it.