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Chrono Trigger Walkthrough

1. The Millennial Fair

2. The Queen Returns

3. The Queen is Gone

4. Were Back

5. The Trial

6. Beyond the Ruins

7. The Factory Ruin

8. The End of Time

9. The Village of Magic

10. The Hero Appears

11. Tata and the Frog

12. The Dream Stone

13. Footsteps! Follow

14. The Masamune

15. Magus’s Castle

16. Forward to the Past

17. Unnatural Selection?

18. The Magic Kingdom

19. Break the Seal

20. The Guru On Mt. Woe

21. What Lies Beyond

22. Lavos Beckons

23. The New King

24. The Time Egg

25. The Hero’s Grave

26. The Green Dream

27. Ozzie’s Fort

28. Geno Dome

29. The Quest for the Sun Stone

30. The Rainbow Shell

31. The Fated Hour

32. The Final Battle

The Millennial Fair

Young and inexperience, Crono embarks on the journey of a lifetime. He’ll battle strange creatures, meet new friends, and save the world from destruction. But first, Crono must visit the fair.

Rise and Shine

It’s early morning and Leene’s Bell is ringing. Crono’s mother wakes up her son and reminds him that today is the opening day of the Millwnnial Fair. He bounces up and heads for the door, then stops to collect 200 G (Gold) from mom.

Every Act Counts

Every action Crono takes will have an impact on his adventure. While at the fair, help the little girl to find her cat, don’t steal anyones lunch, and do not try to sell Marle’s pendant. Also visit Norstein Bekkler’s lab.

Millennial Fair Showcase

Before seeing Lucca’s invention, have Crono and Marle arm them-selves with the best possible weapons, armor, and items. To do this, play games at the fair to earn Silver points, then visit the various merchants. Beating Gato is a quick way to earn Silver points.

Sword Shop

Iron Blade . . . . . . . . 350

Lode Sword . . . . . 4,000

Armor Shop

Karate Gi . . . . . . . . .300

Bronze Helmet . . . . 200

Item Shop

Tonic . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

Heal . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

Revive . . . . . . . . . . .200

Shelter . . . . . . . . . . .150

Everything up to this point has led to you crashing into Marle in front of the bell. Make sure that Marle is all right after you knock her down, then return her pendant. Next, allow Marle to accompany you around the fair. She must be with you when you test Lucca’s invention.

The Queen Returns

Marle disappears after trying Lucca’s invention, and Crono tries to rescue her. Crono grabs Marle’s pendant and tells Lucca to activate the Super Dimension Warp again. Like Marle, Crono disappears.

As Crono rematerializes, he finds himself in the woods, where several Blue Imps attack. Use Crono’s Cyclone during battle this first battle, then exit to the left. Cross the bridge, battle more Blue Imps, then open the two nearby treasure chests to find useful items. Mext, locate the castle and make your way to the Queen’s chamber. As you leave the woods you will see an overview map. Visit the Residence in the village to discover you’ve traveled to 600 A.D. Save your game.


Power Glove, Tonic

Explore Truce

In the village, make several stops. Talk to people to uncover clues as to where you’ll find Marle. At the Inn, speak with Toma, then drop by the Market to buy valuable goods. Stock up on Tonic, Heal, Revive, and Shelter items, which are vital for staying alive.

Guardia Forest

To get from the village to the castle, go through the forest. In the trees, you’ll battle Green Imps and Roly Riders. If you see a shiny stone on the ground, examine it to find a Power Tab. There’s also a monster hiding in the bushes who will appear and drop a Shelter. The creatures here are relatively weak, so basic sword attacks will often suffice.


Speed Tab, Power Tab, Shelter

On Guard

At the entrance to the castle are two guards who think you’re one of Magus’s spies. Luckily, Queen Leene appears to lead you to the King. Follow the King upstairs and talk to the guards you meet. They’ll tell you that the Chancellor has been acting very trangely. As you explore, open chests and take whatever is inside. Return to the throne room, then head upstairss to the Queen’s room where she waits for you.


If you follow the directions given by the King and his guards, you’ll find the Soldiers’ Quarters by going down the staircase on the left. It’s a great place for you to replenish your energy. Get some rest in a bed, then have a bite to eat.

A Mad Chancellor?

As you explore the castle and speak to the guards and servants, you’ll discover that the Chancellor has been acting very oddly. Try to find out as much as you can from the servants. Crono will soon discover that nobody is who he or she appears to be.

A Fake Queen?

Grab the tonic that’s hidden within the chest in the Queen’s chamber. When Crono meets the Queen face-to-face, he discovers that this Queen Leene is really Marle. Or is Marle really Princess Nadia? Just when the two start talking, Marle suddenly disappears… again! It seems that there is some kind of mysterious link the royal women.

Lucca’s News

If the real Queen is not found, Leene’s descendant, marle, will cease to exist.


100 Gold, Tonic, 2 Ether, Bronze Mail, Red Vest, Power Tab

The Queen is Gone

With the real Queen missing and Marle gone again, all clues point toward the Cathedral. To reach it, travel back though the forest. Prepare for battles with stronger opponents, like Blue Eaglets.

A Valiant Frog

Welcome to the Cathedral, a sacred place where several people sit in silent meditation. Walk up and talk to the organist. Near the pulpit, you’ll discover a Hair Pin bearing Guardia’s royal crest, Suddenly, all four of the church-goers will transform into evil Naga-ette creatures. Use Crono and Lucca’s Tech abilities to win this battle. Just when thing begin to calm down, Frog will appear to defeat one last Naga-ette. Play the organ to unlock a hidden doorway.


100 G, Steel Saber, 3 Tonics, 2 Ethers, Mid Ether, Maiden Suit, Defender, Naga-ette Bromide, Revive, Speed Belt, Heal, Shelter, Iron Sword, Power Tab

Save the Queen!

Go though the secret door and prepare to fight. When you find the real Queen with the Chancellor, she’ll shout a warning and run off. The Chancellor the becomes the evil Yakra! Use each character’s strongest attacks and Tech abilities to battle him. When you win, the Queen will take you back to the castle.

Frog Departs

Frog was a helpful ally in your fight against Yakra, but he declines to join your party for now. Later, you’ll meet up again in different circumstances. For now, he wanders off on his own.

Leene Returns

With Leene back in her rightful place, Marle returns and joins Crono and Lucca as they travel back to their own era. They leave the castle and set to go back to the Time Gate.

We’re Back!

In the forest, Roly Riders, Blue Eaglets, and other creatures a wait. As you pass though town once again, stop at the Inn for a nap before continuing your quest back to the castle.

I will have more on the walkthrough as soon as I have time, but this should be helpful so far!