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January 1st 2001

Squall is working on a hidden project as he confirmed to me.Their are 45 chipsets and 75 character sets involved.How's that for a record.Their will be two storylines that will be intertwined with 4 differant endings per story.

Squall has decided to scrap the elements.

Elements Back on Course

Squall's game the elements has been moved forward on course he is now about 30% done with the elements.. I have pretty much completed this new website.All you have to do is come here to get the latest news.

New Webmaster

The new webmaster for Squall Network is Cloud Strife. Congratulations.This will be the final news cast from this archive their will now be two archives.

The Elements
The game is well under way today Squall has begun working on it.I am also announcing that I will resign and I will be choosing a new webmaster for Squall Network.

A trilogy is brewing
Squall has promised to come out with a new third game called "the elements" due to his unpopular sequel which in my opinion exceeded the original. I am pretty sure he wants to keep it all hush hush...


No word from Squall on what he plans to do next....


Game Innocent Criminals is released
Squall has gone ahead and release the game Innocent Criminals.Go Download it.


Release Date Still Pending
Squall Hit new game Innocent Criminals is still pending I expect him to release it soon.


Merry Christmas from Squall Network


New Site Layout is complete so enjoy the new Squall Network for the Millenium.I will be adding a few things here and there so be on the lookout...


The New Squall Network Site Plans

I will be playing innocent criminals this weekand... And then Squall will give me his game and I will be able to get screenshots.They will be coming up a couple of weeks at a time.Then when Squall gives me permission I will release the full version of Innocent Criminals.This is just a matter of time before his full version is released.Then I will add another interview with Squall.The future of this site will be a beautiful one.Because during Christmas break I will be doing some new site layouts hopefully.Their will be many changes for the new millenium.


Happy Thanksgiving From Squall Network.......

To start off the day I think I'll whip out some screenshots of Squalls characters there pretty funny...


Innocent Criminals almost out & Squaresoft deal.

Squall has been working on his new game non stop and is almost ready to release it. It is composed of about 154 maps, 3 more then Future Lies. He has many puzzles. I will be game testing it then he will fix his mistakes and release his game.He is also making this the main Squall Network webpage.So you can go to his Squall Netrwork section now to get to this site.
Well in a legal custody battle Squall has won the right to make the Future Lies series ,Thanks to his Lawyer Jonny Cochrin.So you all may keep playing the Future Lies series. Oh & Squaresoft supposedly may go bankrupt because of all the Future Lies fan.....



The full version is out and ready for download.The story line has changed almost completly but the game is still awesome.He has the best special effects ever for RPG2k.Don't hesitate to download.


Well Squall told me this morning that something very bad has happened he has decided to scrap his original Future Lies Project.He has been working on an Alternative Future Lies game that will be coming out middle of November.What you thought was going to happen is wrong.It is an alternative story.He has changed everything and is keeping it a secret from even me.The only hint I recieved was brothers.


Squall vs Squaresoft

How about this for news I have recently been e-mailed by Miroshi Takawa V.P. of Game Development for Squaresoft.Squaresoft apparently has heard about this game.Which is taking away interested buyers from FF 9.And wants to buy the rights of his game,website and my website.Although I have never heard of this Takawa guy but I am quite interested in his offer although I will not sell unless Squall sells out to them.So we'll see later on who will win this battle.The true Squall or the Greediness of Squaresoft.


Game Release Imminant

Well I have spoken to Squall and he has confirmed game will be out end of November or early December so that means the game will be released.I also have found out quite a bit about his new game. I will release another picture he is giving me of the future map. I have also helped him make something for his grand finaled ending which is going to be kept a secret untill the game has been out for about a week then I will show the endinng screen shot's.


2nd interview now out

I have reinterviewed squall go check it out in my interview links.He reveals more stuff on his fasinating games.
Innocent Criminals ScreenShot

Here is a screenshot I made for Squall's Sequel Innocent Criminals.And no this does not mean he is done with Future Lies. I am making some of the character sets for Squall's sequel so I'd thought I'd get started so when he begins working on his sequel it'll be done quicker.I have finished 4 character's not including an Aeris taking pictures character set.. Oh & incase you can't see Aeris is holding a camera in the Screenshot.The others are posing for a pic.Sorry it's so small.



He is currently working on his game but he must put on hold his Gundam Wing website if you were wondering. As soon as I can I will begin working on the FL sequel character sets.


Squall's Weekand

Squall will have a 3 day weekand because of Columbus day.He can complete more maps of his game this weekand.So it looks like he may make his deadline if he can work faster.



Medievil map is finished.He has personally confirmed that the Medievil map is finished.And is currently designing the teleport through time effect.This is all for today.


Squalls Game release date approaches!

The deadline is approaching.He is about a month away before his game is out.He is currently studing for a Test then is headed to the movies.With his deadline coming up he is still remaining so calm how can he do it.That's one super human we have on our hands. Oh & in case Squall is a little late on the game release don't get mad he has only an hour a day to get on the computer.Soon Soon the time will come be patient.


A Sequel is in the midst!

How shocking was his press anouncement very!!!! Merrick Productions has been given the honor of not only being his Official Website but we have been asked to help design the character sets.He has also stated the Sequel Innocent Criminals based on desendants from Future Lies. Hows this on for size if the games are popular enough he will be making a series like Final Fantasy. This is the biggest news to hit the internet and were proud to break the story.


Here is Squall's Press Anouncement!!!

"Well as the deadline to Future Lies nears I am making some announcements! I have decided to only have a sequel only if (and it promises to do) the Futures Lie game is a smash hit! I already have a vague plot to the sequel and it will be titled Innocent Criminals which will be based in the future with the desancdents of all the characters in Future Lies. And if thhe sequel becomes a hit also I will start a whole series on it (kinda like Final Fantasy). The series will then be titled Quest For Sucess. After I finish my Gundam Wing portion of my website and make a new layout to my site, which is all scheduled to be done by October I'll will focus all my time on the game. So it should be out late November early December. ALso Merrick Productions(I hope) will help me with charcter editing and pics for my game so he'll have a major role in the production of this game. I have also declared Merrick Productions Squall Network portion of their site the OFFICIAL Futures Lie website! So congratluations to Rob for a job well done on the site! That is all for now see you all on the internet!"
On behalf of Merrick Productions I am proud to except Squall's Proposal and will be glad to make his characters.


Squall for President?

There are new rumers circulating around about Squall's announcement for President.I don't know where you got this from but he is only 13 turning 14 in November he can't run for President ,well not legally. Although you shouldn't rule him out just yet. Another thing Squall is one person not many persons you think you people would have caught this from my previous news story. He is not working for Square Soft and know Squall is not his real name.Like I said before stop with these rumers he doesn't even like them. Oh & no one is working with him on the game so stop taking credit for it.(sorry a went to a website that has taken credit for his game).

Updated Logo & spoiler

Well squall has updated his logo by putting a squall network pic on it.Here is a spoiler about his new game if you don't want to see it leave
Well after you are thrown into the pit you will see that weird lightning thing on his logo which represents a portal through time. Lets just leave it at that for what happens next. I can't reveal anything else.Since I am the only one besides Squall who knows what the plot is.


New Logo

Squall has a new logo for his Future Lies Game.After not updating a thing on Squall Network for the last month ,he suprised us all when he announced his new logo and put up a download of a movie scene in Future Lies yesterday.
Squall also informed to me yesterday that he will have his complete game out by Decemeber 31st.He has already began work on it.Thats all for now.
Darth Merrick