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Rise of the Empire

Story Line for "RISE OF THE EMPIRE"
Here is the new Storyline completed.
Rise Of The Empire takes place two years after Episode 2 it is right before Episode 3.You play Obi Wan Kenobi.It is a time of Turmoil for the Galaxy.The Republic is set to fall shortly the jedi have been almost extinct and the Senate has become to corrupt to care about the people.The people are threating to revolt on all Republic controlled planets.Chancelor Palpatine has dispatched Storm Trooper regiments all over the galaxy to put down all the uprisings.The remaining Jedi Knights are being forced to leave Coruscant by order of the Senate. One jedi knight has been missing for weeks(Anakin Skywalker)Anakin was sent to speak to the Senate and they sent him on a suicide mission.He has not returned. Thus the Senate has lost faith in the jedi and ordered there banishment from all Republic controlled planets.Your first mission as Obi Wan Kenobi is to go to Naboo to find Anakin thinking he might have stopped there to visit his pregnant wife.Thus this plnet is where you start off from.On Naboo you will find a destroyed planet.What did this you will not know untill the end of the game.Queen Amidala has had twins since Anakin has been away not even he knows she has had children. In fear of the evils that hit the plent before returning,She will leave for Aldeeran with the younger child(Leia)You must go to Tatooine with the older twin (Luke).You must give him to Anakins step brother Owen Lars.Owen will harbor the child untill it is safe to go to a civilized system again.You will leave and continue your search for Anakin.The next planet you will go to is the revolting planet of Mon Calamari.There you will meet the Mon Calamarians and Storm Troopers.Warning one of these will try to kill you.After this you will go to numerous other planets and try to find Anakin but all you find is Storm Troopers who have there allegiance pledged to the one they call there Emperor. Now who could that be.The many storm troopers, Emperor , planets being destroyed, Republic collasping , Jedi no longer a presence leads to one conclusion the rise of a New Order the Empire thus the title.Trust me this is not my full Story Line this is just a glimpse/ Summery sort of thing. This is all that will be revealed.I know what your thinking dammit what happens next.Well my awnser to that is wait for the game and play it.