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Progress of Rise of the Empire

--July 25--
No real Progress right now I just announced today the making of the Sequel game to Episode 2 Rpg.Note it will probally not be completed untill December.This is supposed to be twice as big as the original. I am going to keep most things about the storyline a secret.The last game was basically what Episode 2 is based on with a little bit of vulgar comedy to make it interesting. The only storyline I will release at the minute is it takes place 2 years after Episode 2.It is between Episode 2 and 3. This game will feature once again Anakin Skywalker but the main plot is a little more flurished this is where you will really begin to see his anger that will eventually take him to the Dark Side to become Vader. I am sorry thats all the suspense I will release at this time.

--July 26--
News brief I have changed the story line and the main character. The main character will not feature Anakin Skywalker like I originally planned but will be Obi Wan Kenobi his master. Sorry for the change so quickly but you'll be pleased with my new selection.Also I have completed the Story Line and will begin mapping characters.

--July 27--
I have started and almost completed mapping new characters.I have finished all of the face shots and almost completed all of the character movemets and monster characters(the characters you fight)Then I will have to make what weapons and stuff they have and the charaters should be finished.Also I have created a storyline page that I will release for everyone to see in November.In other news the Squall Network has completed there demo of Final Fantasy Future Lies.You can download this at the Squall Network

I have almost finished with characters there is only 3 left to finish. I have picked which map sets I am going to create with.I have already began mapping on Naboo.I have also finished mostly with designing what weapons characters will have.Be patient this is a long process and I expect it to take a while. Especially with school starting.

---July 29---
I have one character left to complete.I also have finished with most of the miscellanious stuff.So the only thing left is to map make the battles and conversations.

---July 30---
I am pleased to announce that the characters are now complete.To give you a sneak peak at what to expect I put together a pic section to show you some of the new and exciting characters.I will add a new grup of characters every Saturday.Also for todays news my first two maps are now complete.I am starting map # 3 this afternoon.(note I am writing this at 12:20 am in the morning.)In other news I have created a Squall network website to keep you up to date on Squall's new game Final Fantasy Future Lies.See my interveiw with Squall himself.On my Squall's network site.And in other news "Please do not send me any e-mail about my game I will only put the up to date info on the game here.So stop asking."Yeah you know who you are.

---July 31---
New screenshots have been released of my new game.I have also released 3 new screan shots for Episode 2.I have finished another map.Everything is coming along. Keep coming here everyday to get more on the progress of this new game.

---August 1st---
I have finished another map and I am almost done mapping out another one.I have been extra busy I probally spent 4 hours yesterday working on my maps.I have also released two new characters in my pics section.A calamarian named Ackbar and a Bounty hunter by the name of Greedo.Check them out.Also check out my Squall Productions website.I have released new exclusive Screen Shots of his demo.With school getting started expect my updates to be limited maybe 3 a week. So if I have an update come check it out for all you know I could be deciding to release my game.

---August 2nd---
Well I have released 6 more screen shots.3 shots from episode 2 and, 3 from Rise of the Empire.I have also finished another map.I am also planning on maybe releasing a demo but thats has not been confirmed yet.If I were to release a demo it would be of the level Theed and that level only.Well see you tomorrow.

---August 3rd---
Well I just released my 2 new characters check them out.I made some improvements to the Gamorian pig it actually looks like a Gamorian Pig.I didn't do much on mapping yesterday because I had school registration but I'll make it up to you today.
--6:54 pm et--Well I have been busy today and am updating.I have completed a huge map in fact the biggest map of the game.The game is almost done.I might be able to complete it by October.Thats if there is not much school work.Well anyways keep checking because everyday I get closer to being finished with the new acclaimed game.It's already three times as long as the first.

---August 6---
Sorry for not updating an awhile.But I am happy to say I have finished another big map.With school starting soon updating is going to be fewer.Well I have recieved an Award from Rpg.URpgrealm Check it out well C-ya for now

---August 7---
This will be my last update untill Saturday.I have finished another huge map(Sullust)And have figured my previous statement of Rise of the Empire's release to be untrue.I am almost finished with the mapping.I am expecting the release sometime Late September early October.I have done alot and I'm almost done.Well because of school I won't update till Saturday. Well thats it for now
Darth Merrick

---August 12---
Okay I have basically finished the whole game.Yes it's done but I hae to go through and check to see if there are any bugs.I should release next Saturday at 5:00 pm so come and download it.In other news since my game is done I am releasing the story line.Go check it out.I am also releasing another character in the character section Darth Vader,and Darth Sidious.

---August 17---
Well it's now 100% done release date is this Saturday at 5:00 pm. Get ready for it.On my new Rise of the Empire download party. Yes I am having a Download party from 3:00-8:00 pm.I will have a forum open to post your thoughts and a chatroom to talk to people.It's this Saturday don't be late.