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Interview with a Game Tycoon

Darth Merrick:Squall how do you explain the desperate measures of your fans to find out the plot to your new game.
Squall:There crazy I get at least 65 e-mails a day asking for extended plots ,hints,cheats, camios of whos going to be in the game.There really hard core Final Fantasy fans.
Darth Merrick:Have you had any money offers from people leaning toward just getting a peek of your demo.
Squall:I have had a couple of people giving me money offers.The range I have recieved are from $5.00 - $30.00.
Darth Merrick:Everyone wants to know who is going to be the mysterious character in your game.
Squall:I will not release that answer till the Demo has been out for at least a month.
Darth Merrick:There is a rumor that The New FF Site was helping you out with this game can you set the record straight.
Squall:Yes the new FF has claimed to be helping me with this new acclaimed five star game, but the truth is they have been misinformed.For one thing they claim it is a final fantasy 6 sequel,but that is not true.It is just a Final Fantasy game I have manifested myself.The other claiming that there helping is also not true they are just trying to get there 15 minutes of fame so there site can get more hits.
Darth Merrick:Is there a sequel to your game in the mist.
Squall:Well if the game goes smoothly like the game promises to do I will have a sequel.
Darth Merrick:Are the rumors true that you work for Squaresoft?
Squall:No but I hope to make that rumor true in the future.
Darth Merrick:Are you planning on killing off any of your characters.
Squall:That has yet to be decided.
Darth Merrick: How many characters do you actually have in your hit game.
Squall:I have tons of characters but only four have been released.
Darth Merrick:How do you explain Acsii's taking credit for all the Rpgmaker2000 games.
Squall:I think its okay because Acsii created rpgmaker and without them this game wouldn't be around so I think its fine that they take the credit in the beggining for each rpgmaker game.
Darth Merrick:When will the full version be realeased.
Squall:Okay do to the way that I have a famous and demanding site and how I am limited to the computer I am shooting for November.
Darth Merrick:Thanks for letting me interview you on your such limited time and thanks for the great review of Merrick Productions Episode 2 game.
Squall:No problem you only live next door to me.