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Games created by

Dark Knight Productions GAMES
Dark VoidDark Void 2Dark Void 3RPGMK 95

Merrick Productions GAMES
Star Wars:Episode 2Rise of the EmpireBeneath the GalaxyOtah GungaImperial AcademyCybor Ninja:First BloodCN2:Return to KeridiaCN3:The RescueCN4:ConquestDay of DarknessWheels of Fury.DragonBall:GenoxideKill the TerroristsYodaRPGMK 2000

In Memory of Squall Network
1998-2002 A great site created by long time friend Squall that was shut down by angelfire for being to popular and acceeding the 1.0 GB limit on bandwith.He brought joy to 46,000 vistors in that short lived period. He was a member of the RPG Guild. With what started with Final Fanstasy 7 and grew into the large anime and games sites that brought you:
Future Lies
Innocent Criminals
RPGMK 2000
This lives as a memory that all sites end sometime and one day this too will be shut down by angelfire.