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Innocent Criminals Characters

Please note these are not the names of the characters but they are stand in names untill Squall gives me their real ones...


Ajax is a desendent of Alex.He is perhaps going to be a main character if Squall likes him.


This is a direct desendent of Enrike. He was named after the famous Enrike from Future Lies.Just like his ancestor he is mean tempered,a drunk and always getting the gang in trouble.


This is background character meant to follow you around asking for money or whatever Squall wants to do with him he is basically a plain ol Joe on the street.His name.


This is meant to be a main character and a desendent from Future Lies. I have no idea what Squall has instore for him.


What good would a great game be without soldiers. This is meant to be a soldier from another Nation but it could be anything remember this is Squalls game.


Another soldier/warrior whatever but it's from your nations country.i don't know but I think maybe Squall might not use him since this game takes place in the future but hell he might find some use for him