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Hints and Cheats

WARNING if you read any farther you will be taking away all of the fun of beating the game.You must except all responcibility's for your fun being spoiled. I will not take any responcibility for your fun being choped up ,sauted ,and served as an appetizer.Please note these are the obvious cheats that you should no by now.I will not post up the big cheats untill given permission by Squall to put up the ones you can really use.Trust me you've probally already found out these things by now but in case your mentally challenged or just not very adventerious here they are.

---Hint 1---
You don't have to follow the trail you can venture off into the grass for a quicker way to get around just be prepared to fight and be killed by snakes and other monsters.

---Hint 2---
To beat the end boss you have to train up and get to level 50 experience thats gonna take forever and yes alot of time.There's only one cheat on how to beat it quickly and I'm not releasing it yet untill Squall gives me permission.

---Hint 3---
In case you haven't figured it out yet , and your an idiot the password to the training center is "Moogles are the best".

---Hint 4---
To beat some of the monsters use your tech skills and defence , but some are to freaken hard so what do you do.You by weapons and potions and stuff duh.This won't win every fight for you , but it can't hurt.

---Hint 5---
Your asking how can I buy stuff when its so pricey hmmmmm. Well you can sell stuff that you own and save up untill you have enough for something you can use.

---Hint 6---
Here is the big cheat of the day.Check everywhere check all the chests,people, rooms, villages etc. you might wanna do it more then once something might be very profitable for you in the long run.(NOTE I can't be direct on this because Squall will never let me reveal to you why you must do this and live.Trust me he would kill me if I revealed this.He would make sure I won't find out anything else about his game and I don't want that).

---Hint 7---
To get to Enrike talk to the lady inside the bar.She'll help you.

---Hint 8---
You must build up your experience especially if you want Enrike to join you.If he kills you then you should start over,Because he'll go to another part of the Demo and it will take forever tofind him again trust me I've done it your better off getting the experience first.

---Hint 9---
To get alot of money so you can buy the expensive weapons quickly go into one of the stores in the first castle keep pressing it untill you get 99 magic rings then go sell the rings.You can keep doing this as long as you like this is a quick way to get stuff.

---Hint 10---
Heres a big tip on how to beat the game immediately.What you do is download the rpg2k software at then install it.Put all of the final fantasy future lies files into the folder acsii then into the projects folder.You then go into the actual rpg2k builder software open up the project Final Fantasy 7 Future Lies.Then you go into the Database put all your character levels to 50 give them all the strong weapons.Go into Monsters in the Database set the knights to level 20.Then you go to systems and make you start with as many characters as possible.Get out of Database go into Test Game Play and you can beat the game easy.

---Hint 11---
If you go into the bar and start pressing all of the statues it will teleport you to Enrike.

---Hint 12---
How to take screen Shots of awesome battles & other stuff.
You must be playing the game then you hit prnt screen key on your keyboard on what ever pic you want.Get out of the game go into paint and hit paste it will paste your pic it's that easy.

---Hint 13---
What happens at the end of the Demo.
After you beat the Turks the king asks you to sneak into your peoples castle and get information for him.You do this and go undercover.Wendy gives you away and they arrest you and throw you into the time pit.You go into the future in the real game but in the demo it says Game created by Squall Network go to our site at except it is his short version the devoted to anim or something like that. Well that ends the demo and it goes to the title screen.

---Hint 14---
Squall is working on another game that's already 9 MB long it's called Exhile I have played it.Wow it's awesome no game compares to it not even Final Fantasy 9.He will release it after Final Fantasy Future Lies is out.Remember for the most up to date nes on Squall network come here I am your leak.
---Hint 15---
Squall is planning on making a sequel to his game called Innocent Criminals.The characters will be desendents from Future Lies..