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Note these are the first wave of characters I will be releasing a new group every Saturday.


Obi Wan Kenobi

Obi Wan is the main character in this game. I am not going to release that much info on the game so I will just tell you that he is Anakin's Jedi Master.

Anakin Skywalker

Anakin is the wild padawan apprentice of Obi Wan Kenobi if your hopes are set on seeing him the whole game.Then I'm sorry to get your hopes up.(Hint) there is a big key in the story line explaining his abscence from the game.


You can't help loving his crazy metaphores on life.Last game you got to see a laid back drunk Yoda.This game I promise he gets a little more serious and kicks some ass.

Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar has one of the most minor roles of this game.Not like his big role in the first game.I know you people are getting sick of him so I made him as minor as possible(Hint)He won't return if I decide to make this a Trilogy Game.


Another amazement is that the Calamarian will be in Rise of the Empire.This was supposed to be a suprise for the game but I thought I had enough suprises.This is a great announcement.The Calamarian will be featured on Mon Calamari.I am still debating wether or not to include the Quarren to there world.



Yes you are awake and yes the trandoshan bounty hunter is in the game, but as a Villian.Note there are like twice as many villians in this game then there were the first so expect many Pics to be added.

Storm Trooper

Were would a good Star Wars game be without the presence of Storm Troopers.Yes they are returning and yes they are in more levels then last time.


The little rodian bounty hunter from A New Hope is back.You could say there is a small scuffle between your characters.


Well here is the first look at some Jawas for my game. They were a big star in the first game and they will return for Rise of the Empire.

Gamorian Pigs

They are also returning but I have made a slight improvement in there character set.There faces look just like the real Gamorian Pigs now versus the pig like face in Episode 2.I hope you appreciate the new change as it took awhile to make it.Watch for these pigs make a small intrance in the new game.


Yes Vader is in and he is coming back in full force for this exciting new game.I'll tell you now he is not in the whole game but makes an exciting camio somewhere.If your bored through the game keep playing because Vader's part in it is well worth it to see.

Darth Sidious

You will have a "confrontation" with the Sith Lord.There might be something you can learn from him.