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Beneath The Galaxy

Here is the Story Lines for Beneath the Galaxy:

Darth Vader
This is called Vaders Fury. Vader has defeated the jedi already this is his story of after that glorious day.He must put down a rebellion on Kashyyk and all this time while he is doing this he is having flashbacks of what happened when he was Anakin.Thats all I can tell you because I have a bunch of suprises for you.

Setu Weje
This is called Weje's Wrath. Setu Weje is a Sullusten who is devoted to his family. After the Empire took over the planet he was forced into labor on his planet but he kept his integrity and did what he was told.One day he came home to find his wife & children murdered.Now not even the Empire can stop him as he pushes the Sullusten Rebellion movement towards the Capital.

This is called Ackbar the Avenger. When the Empire took over Mon Calamari they controled What they thought was the Mon Calamarian civilization on the only land mass on the planet.Really the Calamarians have been fooling the Empire all along as there real civilization flurishes under water. The Calamarians know that if the Empire found the citys they could use the technoligy for there own corrupt ways.Thats why it must under all circumstances be kept a secret.But what if the Empire found out. Would the Calamarians destroy there great city to save the Galaxy......

As you can see Beneath the Galaxy is three adventures in one.You get to pick which Story you want to play in the beginning of the game.These are the StoryLines of those storys all though I do have to limit what I put in there because I have indeed many suprises for you in my Star Wars Master Piece BENEATH THE GALAXY

Main Charcters