Here you can read the e-mails between The Rikk and Capcom. This page's purpose is to keep believers in The Cause informed on the communication between The Rikk and Capcom. The first message was sent on 04/08/00 by the Rikk and you can read it here.

04/10/00 - The Response to The Rikk's first message:

Although I'm glad to see such enthusiasm for the Resident Evil game series, please don't post the same message in 27 different sub-topics. It's rather annoying, especially when you've already created a topic specifically to discuss it.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Capcom BBS Administrator

The Rikk Says:"He/She is referring to the fact that The Rikk posted the message he wrote concerning his idea for the Resident Evil Remix several times in Capcom forum under 'The Future of Resident Evil'. This was done before the webpage exsisted."

04/10/00 - The Rikk's response:

The Rikk apologies. I wasn't aware of what spamming was until after I had done it. I wanted the most people to see my cause. Sorry, once again. As for my cause, do you think the company will consider the proposed Resident Evil Remix idea? I hope you can shed some light on this for me. For more info you can check out my site...
I've linked your e-mail and website there, I hope that is acceptable. If it's not, I'll kindly remove them. Once again, sorry and thank you for your time.

-The Rikk.

The Rikk Says:"Well one thing you can say for Capcom is that they return their e-mails quickly".

04/10/00 - The Administrator's Response:

I suppose it's not really 'spam' per se, but it's just annoying for users, not to mention back-end headaches because the more messages there are, there more files you have to go through when you search messages, and that's a big load on the computer.

Anyway, I can't speak for Capcom so I don't know what they will do about your idea. Linking to outside sites on the BBS is perfectly fine, unless they're porn sites or something else truly objectionable.


The Rikk Says: " porn?"

04/10/98 - Capcom finally answers The Rikk's questions...


Thank you for your recent suggestion. Although we always enjoy hearing comments and suggestions from our consumers, the Research and Development Departments, which is in charge of reviewing all Outside Game Submissions, is not accepting consumer game ideas.

Capcom’s Research and Development Department does not anticipate reviewing any ideas submitted by our consumers in the future.

Thank you for choosing Capcom and for your continued support of ourproducts.

Chris Charles

Capcom Customer Service Representative(408) 774-0400

The Rikk Says:"Well that was rather discouraging! Damn boys and girls, it looks like Capcom isn't too keen on The Rikk's Idea. Who is this...Chris? Does he know who he's talking to? Doesn't he know he's talking to...The Great One? All kiddin' aside, it looks like we'll have to fall back to the petition - Plan B. By the way, this isn't technically a consumer's a wise suggestion. Let's get busy on filling up the petition.