Ok so you lived through the whole perverts are ruining the world warning huh? <grin> Well welcome to the furotica section as of Friday April 7th, only two stories are posted here, though more are coming shortly! Two of the ten "Diary Editions" are the stories left, the other eight have been taken down for some reworking, hopefully they'll all be up and back in the next couple days.

     If you'd like your own story posted just drop me a line and a copy of your story, and so long as its furry I'll be more than happy to post it =) The stories contained on this site will always be furry in nature, whether the scenes are between just furries, or furries and humans, or furries and animals ect ect ect you get the point. One more chance if you are offended by sex between anthropomorphic animals, or anthos and human's or if homosexuality, bi sexuality , violence, non consent, anal, ect ect ect, then please either turn back now, or carefully choose which stories you view!

Takedown On The Plains (#3)

m/m NC anal tiger/fennecfox

Lights Out (#2)

m/f romance oral puma/bat