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Woo! Tis zee first ramble...


All is quiet in the Mines, it’s all empty too…which explains that really, but just where is everyone?

Outside the Mines…

Mr Jiggy: Of course it’ll fit! It has to fit! ::throws arms up in frustration::

Goblins: ^^;; ::attempt to squeeze the stage in through the gates of the Mines::

Everyone else: ::are stood back watching impatiently::

Cid: Hurry the $£%*^ up! I want some TEA!

Mr Jiggy: Well I don’t see you making an effort to get this thing inside!

Yuffie: Why d’we need a stage anyways? Can’t ya just…stand on the floor?

Reno: When you’ve been on it?

Yuffie: ::thwaps Reno::

Reno: O_o

Minerva: ::scratches her head:: You still haven’t got the stage inside?

Pandora: Well it’s not exactly what one would call small dear…

Suddenly a loud snake-like noise is heard behind the entire ramble cast, they all spin round to be faced with a Midger Zolom…

Everyone: ACK! ::charges towards the gates and smacks into the stage crashing through the entrance::

Juri: …well that’s one way of doing it…::blink::

Rufus: Well, now that we’re here, why don’t you all run along and sort this mess out?

Midgar Zolom: ::sticks its head through the entrance::

Everyone: O.O;; ::heave the gates shut:: Phew…

Minerva: I guess we won’t be using that exit fer a while…

Seifer: You mean we’re stuck in here? ::mutters::

Andy: Well look on the bright si—

Everyone: ::glares at Andy::

Andy: Uhm…never mind! ^^;

Pandora: Hmm…::wanders off aimlessly to explore the Mines::

Mr Jiggy: I told you it would fit inside…didn’t I tell you?

Flicker: Yeah, because leaving it in front of the exit is such a convenient place to leave it ::strolls away::

Mr Jiggy: ::scowls:: I’m not done yet. Hey you! ::points at the Goblins:: Move that stage to somewhere convenient!

Goblins: Ack! Yessir! ::grab the stage and attempt to drag it to somewhere more convenient::

Tifa: Hey look! ::points:: A conveniently placed kitchen! ::throws her suitcase at Cloud:: Bring that!

Cloud: O.O;; ::gets hit with the suitcase:: GAH! ::collapses:: Uhm…::grabs the suitcase and jumps up following Tifa::

Tifa: ::rolls her eyes and walks off to the conveniently placed kitchen::

Minerva: I never realised I’d picked somewhere so convenient to live…

Yuffie: Whoa! This place is way big! ::runs off to find somewhere to stash other peoples—her materia:: Andy: Heh heh ::follows Yuffie as quietly as he can:: Seifer: ::whacks Zell and walks to wherever it was that he saw Pandora go:: Squall: …::glances at the remaining people at the entrance:: ......... ::hugs the Lion Heart protectively:: Vincent: ::eyes Minerva warily:: Minerva: ::grins:: Vincent: O.O;; ::scurries away to some deep dark corner:: Juri: I know what this place needs! Minerva: Wha…? Juri: SIGNS FOR ALL THE ROOMS! Minerva: YEAH! They both run off and start making signs for all the rooms… Reno and Rufus: ::glare at each other and wander off in totally different directions:: Cid: ::looks at Squall:: ::walks away:: Red XIII: ARGH! GEDDEROFFME! ::breaks free of Aeris’ grip and legs it into the depths of the Mines:: Aeris: ::blink:: ::looks at Squall:: Squall: ^^;; ::shuffles away nervously:: Aeris: Uhm…::skips away:: The entrance is finally clear of all people/creatures/oddly shaped inanimate objects except… Sound FX Dude: DUNDUNDUUUUUUN! The sound FX Dude? Sound FX Dude: Uh…I was just creating sound FX for you to announce whoever was left… So no one else is here? Sound FX Dude: Guess not… Well in that case, over in one of the empty rooms… Juri: ::painting a sign for the kitchen:: Minerva: Woooow, that’s mega cool Juri! Juri: ::beams:: Thankers ^_^ Minerva: But what sign should I paint? ‘Cos like…the kitchen is the only room we know for sure… Juri: ::looks up:: Uhm…you need somewhere to store the rambles! Minerva: Yeah! But…where? Juri: How about…::points at a random room:: That room? Minerva: Yeah! ::starts painting a sign for ‘that room’:: Juri: Uh, Min? Minerva: Yeah? Juri: You’re actually gonna call it that room? Minerva: Yep! ^_^ Over in that room… Pandora: ::looks around critically:: This room is missing something… Seifer: Oh? Pandora: ::nods:: Seifer: …any idea what? Zell: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ::falls through the ceiling, don’t ask how. He just did:: Pandora and Seifer: ::blink:: Pandora: I don’t think that’s what it was missing… Seifer: Ah, good ::kicks Zell who’s crumpled in a heap on the floor:: Pandora: I’ve got it! ::pulls a Christmas tree out of her top and places it in the corner:: Seifer: But it’s not Christmas…::blinks:: More to the point…where the hell did that come from? Pandora: ::adjusts her top:: Sorry, what? Seifer: …nevermind… Minerva: ::runs in:: I finished it! ::looks at Zell:: ::blinks:: Uhm… Seifer: He just appeared like that. Zell: Ugh…it was Se— Seifer: ::kicks Zell again:: Minerva: ::shrugs:: Lookie! ::produces a scruffy looking sign which reads ‘That room’:: Cool, ne? Pandora and Seifer: ::blink:: Minerva: Pssht ::jumps up attempting to hang the sign over the entrance to the room:: Ackers, damn my lack of height. Pandora: ::snatches the sign from Minerva:: Seifer, honey? ::shoves the sign into his hands:: Hang this up? Seifer: I’m not helping her! Minerva: ::scowls at Seifer:: And I don’t need his help! Pandora: Fine, hang the sign up yourself. Minerva: …damn! Juri: ::runs in:: I got the sign for the kitchen! ::looks around:: ::notices this is the kitchen:: ::runs out again:: Over in the kitchen… Tifa: No! Not over there, over there! ::whacks Cloud:: Cloud: O_o;; ::