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Meet the cast...

I’m the Jig-Queen, and the Queen of the BGBs ^^ So it figures that the BGBs must be experts jiggers ^_~ I tend to order the Goblins around and get ordered around by Tifa…she’s mean to me >< Oh ya, and I’m a vampyre and I get on incredibly well with Vinnie, he loves the pink bunnies I hurl at him really…Oh ya, Seifer sucks ¬¬

Trent [& his band]:
My 17 year old bro’ who happens to be in a verra kewlness band ^^ He’s quiet, which is kinda odd…he must be adopted, hehe. He’s his bands lead guitarist and he’s rivals with Mr Jiggy & the Jiggin’ dinosaurs…Oh yeah, and Pandora definitely doesn’t have a thing for him ^_~ As you've probably figured...he doesn't get on too well with Seifer either ::grin::

She uses too many big words O_o [great at ficcies tho, so she’s forgiven ^^] And she can fit ANYTHING down her top…which is kinda worrying, even if it does come in handy…Did I mention that she’s Seifer crazed? Or that she’s the closest thing we have to a witch round here?

Queen of the PGBs & hopscotch and the almighty one with the yaoi closets…it’s no wonder she needs an LCS bag [Lara-Croft-Sized] They can almost hold as much as Pandora’s top O_o Minerva also owns one of these, verra handy for their lil’ ‘borrowing’ sprees. Juri, steal? Never…^_~

Useless at jigging, how can you have a sidekick who can’t jig? Pssht, that’s just…stupid :P Heheh, he’s useless with women too, which makes him kinda kawaii…he hates being called kawaii ::snickers:: Oh yeah, and he has hordes of materia, nice competition for Yuffers…

Uhm…part dinosaur/tree/scorpion/polar bear…I think O.O;; We'll have to ask her some time...But more importantly, we need to discover if she actually can sing or not O_o

D!nok's sidekick...or partner in crime, whichever...She's often found trying to keep D!nok away from the stage tho...^^;;

Me an’ Trent’s cousin, can’t resist the opportunity to mock/irritate/insult either of us, which is always nice O_o…And he gets on well with Seifer for some apparent reason, he generally tends to bug everyone too

This girl might actually be good at something if she ever got off her lazy ass, heheh, she generally lounges around eyeing Sephy up and ‘thinking’ about working…She's a bitch too and damn proud of it!

Fights with me constantly, I don’t mean bitch fights…I mean ripping my arms off and beating me with them O.O;;…But she has monkey legs…er...I didn’t do it ^^;; Hey, it was a one off, we don’t wander round armless with monkey legs ya know…

One word. Alcohol. Ok, now I’m gonna expand on that one a lil’ more, hehehe…She writes the longest fics in the history of long fics and has a bizarre, twisted sense of humour O.o; Just smile and nod…you’ll gettalong fine…She seems to have something against me throwing pink bunnies at Vinnie tho ><

The Typo Queen, she makes ‘em a lot and she makes ‘em good…who else could mistake the shift key for the shit key? Man…I laughed so hard…She rambles well apart from the added bonus of numerous typos ^_~

The BGBs [Black Gummie Bears]:
Minerva’s trusty lil’ army who will defend her in any situation providing Jerry Springer isn’t on…which is a problem round the mines…it’s always on O_o Why can’t they just watch something else for once? ::mutters:: These dudes rock at jigging, but suck badly at hopscotch…but they make up for this with their combat uniforms ^_^

Leader of the BGBs and most addicted to Jerry ::sigh::

The PGBs [Pink Gummie Bears]:
Luckily these guys are also addicted to Jerry Springer, and they suck at jigging, however when it comes to hopscotch ^^;; The BGBs are outta there! There’s no better than the PGBs at hopscotch, I bet it’s their catsuits…they must be super-powered right?

Leader of the PGBs and truly remarkable at hopscotch ::stares in awe:: Eh-heh ^^;;

The Blinks:
Pink Gummie Bears in disguise as black ones, but they get on well with everyone and enjoy Jerry as much as the next Gummie Bear…

Dominic: Leader of the Blinks and er...Well, that's about it really...

Mr Jiggy & the Jiggin’ Dinosaurs:
Zee Mines’ resident band, great entertainment for those quiet, lonely nights…no wait, that doesn’t happen round here O.o They consider Trent & his band their rivals and don’t like to be out of the spotlight…

The Goblins:
Where would the Mines be without these guys? ::cringes:: I don’t wanna think about it…They maintain the Mines and generally make the place look spiffy. I boss them around a lil too much…but they’re loyal and I’m telling you, they don’t mind!

Damien's the air hockey table! ::hugs Damien:: Ah, nights would be dull without good ol' Damien...

Sound FX Dude:
He gives the rambles a certain edge, don'tcha think? Er...::pokes you over to the rambles so you can find out::

The Mines' punchbag...I mean er...^^;; Yeah...the punchbag, I don't know what else to say...

Never lets anyone else in the kitchen unless it’s to answer the jigging phone…Yep, we keep a phone in the kitchen…She’s mean to me tho ;_; She makes me peel potatoes…I just don’t DO cooking!

He’s a ditz, but we luv him for it ^^

Hehe, he doesn’t like me calling him this ^^ or anyone else for that matter, hehehe. Often found lurking in corners trying to escape my pink bunnies or just Lucrecia in general, heheh

He just laps up the attention D!nok & Celces lavish on him…not to mention most the other girls who roam these parts ::rolls eyes::

He's often found fighting a losing battle with Reno over whose the bigger babe magnet, still he makes up for this...he likes tea ::nodnod::

He guards his Masamune with his life when me and Ivy are around ^_~

Keeps a wary eye on andy, after all, they’re in the same ‘proffesion’ General annoyance to er…everyone, heheh…

After a certain incident in one of the rambles, the girls never looked at him in the same way again ^_~

You didn’t think you’d get by without Cid did ya? We need him to mock and generally irritate, as much as we love him, it’s just funny.

Mr Kinky Pants. Yup, that's what we call him. I don't he appreciates it tho ^^;; He guards the Lion Heart with his life when...well, all the time really...

He doesn't get on well with Trent all, hehe, unfortunately this means he gets on well with Flicker...ah well, can't win 'em all...

Seifer's personal punching bag...

Any visitors in the rambles will just be in white because...I can't be bothered to find any more colors O_o...

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