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That Room

Minerva: Wheee! Rambles!
Pandora: Where?
Minerva: Oh, good point.
A few minutes later...
Rufus: ...ever going to tell them anything?
Seifer: Yeah, like where the rambles are?
Minerva: I was ABOUT to! ::thwaps Seifer::
Pandora: ::narrows eyes:: ::thwaps Minerva::
Minerva: Ow! Damnit! ::thwaps Rufus::
Rufus: What was that for!? ::thwaps Pandora::
::Dust cloud appears in the background::
Red XIII: Well, as they're all busy, I suppose I'll tell you...Minerva hasn't actually got around to finishing any rambles, so to keep you satisfyed she's compiled a list of the ramble staff...