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Ancient Magic
[The REAL Aeris' Site]

Cait Sith's Walk-in Closet
[Damn funny]

Cloud612 & Sephiroth182s Final Fantasy
[Cloud612 has dirty hair ::snickers::]

Cosmo Memory
[Flicker ish meh cousin...GOGOGO!]

David's Ultimate FF7 Page
[Just what it says...]

Domain of Darkness
[fallens site...No light switch? Damn]

Double 'R'
[Kawaii! Reno & Rufus shrine ^_^]

Final Fantasy 7 Crazzzzy
[I'm a member of staff on this site ::nods knowingly::]

Final Fantasy Freaks
[Run by Lark, tres kewlness ::nods::]

Final Fantasy Oasis
[WutaiCat, Lavantis & Zell hang out here]

Final Fantasy Online
[Heard of this? Good, then I don't need to explain :P]

Fish Fins @nd Dinosaurs
[D!nok & Fins! Wheee!]

Ivy's Final Fantasy 7 Realm
[I'm a staff member here too!]

[Fins' Irvine shrine...Heheh]

Midgar Gaming Center
[Run by Reno...::nods::]

Nipala's Little Hole in the Universe
[It's a BABY site!]

Silver Frost
[Luc zee wraith resides here...]

Starlight Fantasy
[Run by one of my bestest friends, Astra ^_^]

The Hidden City
[Watch out, Laguna's about and er...Arian!]

The North Crater
[Run by Jerry ^_^]

The Shinra Headquarters
[Great site by Mary...and the Turks ^_~]

Timber Maniacs
[Lotsa staff! I'm one of 'em! WOO! GO NOW!]

[Go here if you love Final Fantasy VIII]

Turkish Delight
[D!nok's Reno shrine]