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Wow, I can't believe it's only been four years since I last updated here. Ha. Annnnyhoo, Busted! is now officially alive again, after a hefty absence in which I went to uni, got a degree, learned to drive, etc. I've updated the content & added a few bits here and there, but it's pretty much the same as it was in '04. Same layout and everything! I found it covered in dust in a long forgotten folder on my hard drive, and decided I might as well brush it off and give it the once over with a damp cloth. Uhh, right. Well, I'm probably not going to do much more with this site, but I'll drop in every now and then to see how it's doing. Clean up links and stuff, you know how it is. (Speaking of which, man oh man, I had to search far and wide to find the few remnants of FFVII shrines still in existence. Wowser.)

Finally got around to making a new guestbook! That's right, kids! It's a DREAMBOOK! (Ahh, back in the day! <3) I've also started work on modifying & adding content to the new layout that lovely Aer made for me, so you can expect to see that soon! With updated content & EVERYTHING!

Nicci got a new domain name! :O awesome! So, now Busted's URL is <-- y'all should definitely change your links & whatnot! I plan to jazzy this place up a bit in the nearish future, so uh, watch out for that!

My domain died yesterday, so I no longer have a guestbook. But never fear! I'll make another one soon! ;D

A highly exciting update for y'all today! Rejigged a few things here and there, and added a couple of links! Hoo, yeah.

Finally made the grand move to! (Which, incidentally, I am still having trouble typing. Harhar.) This jazzy new layout was created especially for the swap-over, as was all of the new content! (No, really! There's a new piece of fanart! And some more info!) The links have been heavily altered, so now they only list sites that have actually updated recently. And er, other things have generally been rearranged and niced-up.