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Welcome to Busted! I'm Min, proud owner of the one and only (come on, who else has this kind of time of their hands?) shrine to Final Fantasy VII's best weapon, Buster Sword!

Yes, that's right! I had to stoop a step lower than minor character shrines, and go for weapon shrines! Come on now, it's a fantastic idea. You love it! There's even fan fiction and fan art!

I, for one, definitely did not stoop so low because with weapon shrines it's possible to make stuff up and have nobody give a crap. Not that I actually did make stuff up. But, you know, the potential's there. Oh, come on. It's three in the morning. Gimme a break.

Oh, and while I remember, the navigation is 1 to 5, over on your right there. See it? (Hover over the links to discover where each one goes- it's a game in itself!) If for whatever reason you want to come back to this page, just click on "busted!" over on the top left.

My apologies if bits of this site are difficult to read, but let's be honest now, looking at Buster's lovely blade is probably far more exciting than what I've got to say!

I suppose I could just type even more crap so you can scroll the "important" bits right to the top! Ah, who am I kidding? It's all important! Yes, even this bit. In fact, I think I'll just put lots of spaces in!