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Cost: 0
Attack Power: 18
Attack Percentage: 96%
Materia Slots: 2
Growth: 1

final fantasy vii:

Cloud stole this weapon from his dead buddy Zack, so he had to pay absolutely zilch for it! It also holds such sentimental value that it's impossible to part with it throughout the entire game! And its materia slots are linked! That means you can use the Phoenix and Final Attack combination, which makes it almost impossible for you to die! Incredible!

crisis core:

As it transpires, Zack wasn't Buster's first owner either! In fact, it would seem that Angeal Hewley, Zack's mentor, owned it first! Or at least before Zack did. Who knows where he was before Angeal came along! Buster sure is a mystery.

advent children:

Well, who'da thunk it? Buster's not just your average videogame weapon any more. He's a MOVIE star! Unfortunately Cloud decides to use the fancy First Tsurugi instead of Buster for the majority of the movie, but Buster is seen when Cloud sticks him back into the ground where Zack died. That's much more majestic than fighting some sissy boy, anyway. Hmph.


Buster also features in beat 'em up game Ehrgeiz. TWICE! Cloud uses him, and so does Zack! Awesome! He's very swooshy and strong in Ehrgeiz. I find that with his help, taking out opponents is a piece of cake!

final fantasy ix:

Okay, so you don't exactly get to see Buster in this game. But you know he's there!

final fantasy x:

Tidus actually has his very own Buster Sword too, but because he is a bit of a silly old bean, he never actually uses it.

final fantasy tactics advance:

Only the mighty get to use Buster in this game. So make sure you have a soldier, warrior or dragoon in your party, if you want to reap the full benefits of this cute little RPG.

kingdom hearts:

In Kingdom Hearts Buster's sexier than you ever thought possible! He's all bandaged up and injured, the poor guy. One can only imagine the suffering Buster had to endure to warrant these bandages. One can also only imagine how these bandages remain in place, and have not been sliced off. But I'm bettin' it's 'cuz Buster's magical!