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Regna Island

D1 Pirate Stronghold [Dungeon]
D2 Small Sub Pen - Submarine Station [Dungeon]
D3 Tower [Dungeon]
D4 Old Loeb's Cave [Dungeon]
D5 Abandoned Pirate Keep [Dungeon]
D6 Tower [Dungeon]
 1 Harecksburg [Map]
 2 Obelisk #2
 3 Cannon - north thereof the Pirate Fleet
 4 Pauls Estate: Info
 5 Marmon Domicile: Info
 6 Well - ?
 7 Quest: Find Dread Pirate Stanley's Treasure
 8 Jawblower Manor: Info
 9 Stoneskin Pedestal
10 Challenge (random) - 200 of the attribute required
11 Ferne Lair: Info
12 Terrence's Home: Info
13 Nalani's Home: Info
14 Pawel's Place:  Buy Dried Sunfish - Sell Pirate Amulets
15 Mercer Domicile: Info
16 Well - ?
17 Ship: We Ravenshore


Pirate FortressSmall Sub PenTowerOld Loeb's CaveAbandoned Pirate KeepTowerHarecksburg
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