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Welcome to my Humble Abode!

        Here are the fruits of my labor. This page has a variety of purposes.  If you take the time to explore you might actually get something out of it.  Or I could summarize it right here so you don't have to waste your precious time actually exploring what I've worked so hard on. (sigh)

        At the Midi Homepage, you can download some of my favorite and self-written midi files, explore links to good midi sites, or just learn more about midi.

        At my Personal Homepage you can go to some of my favorite web spots if this place bores you, learn what tools I used to make these pages, or learn how to write HTML yourself.

        At my Oboe Homepage you can learn what the oboe is and why it's so great. More to come here!


September 22th, 2003

        It was a mad, mad junior year of high school this past year. I spent a lot of the summer relaxing, but I did a good deal of music. For one thing I went to Spain on tour and played in Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, and Toledo. I also went for a week and a half to a chamber music program at Apple Hill in New Hampshire. Both were incredible experiences, and hopefully someday soon I'll have some pictures from both trips up. In the meantime, I posted one of the pictures in the oboe section from Apple Hill, so you can see what I look like if it interests you.

       On a bit of a more personal note, if you hadn't guessed, I am now a senior in high school and casting my gaze around for someplace to habitate and learn for four or five years. I'm stuck between liberal arts colleges and conservatories, but I have found this nice recording/performance dual degree program at Peabody Conservatory and Johns Hopkins University that looks very interesting. Here's to hoping I can get into it... in the end wherever I go will probably have a good music program. We shall see in the months to come...

       Right... so updates. Yeah... one day I will update this page and you will be stupified by its splendor! Someday... not today, I've got advanced physics to do, or tomorrow, I have some SAT I prep... dangit, I knew I should have worked on my webpage over the summer... I guess I like to work more under pressure... So bottom line: hopefully soon I will take the time to work on this site.

February 24th, 2003

        I'm back! And I've updated all the pages near completion!  At least they're functional. I have a list of stuff I need to do, I'll put that list at the end of this page, so you know what's going on. Enjoy all my hard work and sweat to finish this up (actually it took about three hours, not three months, oh well, maybe someday I'll care enough about my page to update it every month). My next project will be to update the oboe page.  Right now, the plan is to do that in mid-March when I'm on break. I'll do what I can until then.
        I need to find a way some devious method to make my site more attractive...maybe a new background? Some pictures? Have any ideas? Send them to me at! Please!

            Oboe Homepage created
            Other two homepages updated

November 11th, 2002

         Well, I needed something productive to do in between all of my school work, so I've once again turned my attention to this web site. It's undergoing a lot of changes right now. What you see now is really only the start, but with what's up and running right now, you should be able to do some stuff...

            Midi Homepage created
            Personal Homepage created

To Do

Midi Homepage
        Add the rest of the FFVII midis to the list.
        Add more links to the links page
        Add more information to the info page.

Oboe Homepage
        Spend more time on the written sites
        Add an oboe links page
        Add an oboe page with pictures and sound files