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A Calender For Greyhawk

Critical Hit Charts For Non-Weapons

A Maze Generator

Weapon Fighting Styles

Fumble Charts

Emaciation Rules

A DM's Guidelines for creating monster/animal PC's.

A cool NPC wizard generator


A list of the 3rd edition Forgotten Realms spells.

Basic D&D to 2nd Edition AD&D conversion instructions.

Tanar'ri Turning Table

3rd Edition Feat List

Monster Summoning Tables

Exchange Rates for DS, OA and 2E

A Blank Sheet For Monster Creation

Hex Paper

Familiar Table



Foods for Dark Sun

Template for 3E Half Dragons

Horse Quality

Excert from DMG about Soldier costs and descriptions

Poison table and excert from the DMG

Saving Throws for Items excert from the DMG

0 Level Characters Excert from the DMG

Criical Hit Charts

List of Planes and Layers Within Them

An Excert From the 2E Chronomancer's Handbook---A Description of Temporal Prime

Bad PC Deaths

Graph Paper

Article about Drow Lifestyle

Article About Making 3E Multi-Headed Creatures