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by Jens-Arthur Leirbakk

RollFamiliarPage From 2E Monsterous ManualAlignment RequirementsSpecial
01Aurumvorax10NoneNeeds gold in diet
02Bat, Common5NoneNone
03Bat, Large15NoneNone
04Bat, Huge15Any EvilNone
05Bat, Azmyth15Any Neutral or GoodNone
06Bat, Night Hunter15Any EvilNone
07Bat, Sinister15Lawful EvilNone
08Bat, Choose Any15As creature chosenNone
09Giant Beetle, Bombardier18NoneNone
10Giant Beetle, Boring18NoneNone
11Giant Beetle, Fire18NoneNone
12Giant Beetle, Rhino18NoneNone
13Giant Beetle, Stag18NoneNone
14Giant Beetle, Water18NoneNone
15Giant Beetle, Choose Any18NoneNone
16Bird, Blood Hawk27NoneNone
17Bird, Boobrie27NoneNone
18Bird, Condor27NoneNone
19Bird, Crow27NoneNone
20Bird, Giant Eagle27NoneNone
21Bird, Eagle27NoneNone
22Bird, Eblis27Any Evil10% chance for spellcaster
23Bird, Emre27NoneNone
24Bird, Falcon27NoneNone
25Bird, Flightless27NoneCan not fly
26Bird, Large Hawk27NoneNone
27Bird, Kingfisher27NoneNone
28Bird, Owl27NoneNocturnal
29Bird, Giant Owl27Any Neutral or GoodNocturnal
30Bird, Talking Owl27Any GoodNeeds bargain
31Bird, Raven27NoneNone
32Bird, Huge Raven27NoneNone
33Bird, Giant Raven27Any Neutral or EvilNone
34Bird, Skyfisher27NoneNone
35Bird, Swan27NoneNone
36Bird, Vulture27Any Neutral or EvilScavenger
37Bird, Giant Vulture27Any Neutral or EvilScavenger
38Bird, Choose Any27As creature chosenAs creature chosen
39Brain Mole29AnyPsionivores (eats Psionics)
40Great Cat, Cheetah36NoneNone
41Great Cat, Jaguar36NoneNone
42Great Cat, Leopard36NoneNone
43Great Cat, Common Lion36NoneNone
44Great Cat, Mountain Lion36NoneNone
45Great Cat, Spotted Lion36NoneNone
46Great Cat, Giant Lynx36NoneNeeds bargain
47Great Cat, Choose Any36NoneAs creature chosen
48Small Cat, Domestic38NoneNone
49Small Cat, Wild38NoneNone
50Small Cat, Elven38Any Neutral or GoodNeeds bargain
51Small Cat, Choose Any38As creature chosenAs creature chosen
52Centipede, Giant42NoneNone
53Centipede, Huge42NoneNone
54Centipede, Megalo-42NoneNeeds bargain
55Centipede, Choose Any42NoneAs creature chosen
58Displacer Beast56Lawful EvilNeeds bargain
59Dog, Wild57NoneNone
60Dog, War57NoneNone
61Dog, Blink57Lawful GoodNeeds bargain
62Dog, Death57Neutral EvilNeeds bargain
63Dog, Choose Any57As creature chosenAs creature chosen
64Dragonet, Faerie Dragon89Any GoodNeeds bargain
65Dragonet, Fire Drake90NoneNone
66Dragonet, Pseudodragon 91Any Neutral or GoodNeeds bargain
67Dragonet, Choose Any89-91As creature chosenAs creature chosen
68Frog, Giant119NoneNone
69Frog, Killer119NoneNone
70Frog, Poisonous119NoneNone
71Frog, Choose Any119NoneNone
72Gloomwing, Moth157NoneNone
73Gremlin, Gremlin174Any EvilNeeds bargain
74Gremlin, Fremlin174Any Neutral or GoodWill not fight; needs bargain
75Gremlin, Galltrit174Any EvilNeeds bargain
76Gremlin, Mite174Any EvilNeeds bargain
77Gremlin, Snyad174Any NeutralNeeds bargain
78Gremlin, Choose Any174As creature chosenAs creature chosen
79Imp201Lawful EvilNeeds bargain
80Quasit201Chaotic EvilNeeds bargain
81Insect, Choose Any204NoneNone, though diet may be a problem
82Insect Swarm, Ants206NoneNone, though limited lifespan
83Insect Swarm, Hoppers206NoneNone, though limited lifespan
84Mammal, Wild Baboon241NoneNone
85Mammal, Badger241NoneNone
86Mammal, Banderlog241NoneNone
87Mammal, Bhaergala241NoneNeeds bargain
88Mammal, Wild Boar241Any ChaoticNeeds bargain
89Mammal, Chattur241NoneNone
90Mammal, Cooshee241Any Neutral or GoodNeeds bargain; caller should be elf
91Mammal, Dakon241NoneNeeds bargain
92Mammal, Debbi241NoneNone
93Mammal, Goat241NoneNone
94Mammal, Gorilla241NoneNone
95Mammal, Hyena241NoneNone
96Mammal, Jackal241NoneNone
97Mammal, Monkey Spider241NoneNeeds bargain
98Mammal, Skunk241NoneNone
99Mammal, Sleek241NoneNone
100Player's ChoiceAnyAs creature chosenAs creature chosen
101Mammal, Tyrg241Any Neutral or EvilNone
102Mammal, Warthog241NoneNone
103Mammal, Weasel241NoneNeeds bargain
104Mammal, Wolverine241NoneNone
105Mammal, Choose Any241As creature chosenAs creature chosen
106Small Mammal, Choose Any244NoneNone
107Rat, Normal300NoneNone
108Rat, Giant300NoneNone
109Scorpion, Large309NoneNone
110Snake, Amphisbaena320NoneNone
111Snake, Boalisk320NoneNone
112Snake, Constrictor320NoneNone
113Snake, Giant Constrictor320NoneNone
114Snake, Heway320Any EvilNone
115Snake, Poison320Any Neutral or EvilNone
116Snake, Giant Poison320Any Neutral or EvilNone
117Snake, Spitting320Any Neutral or EvilNone
118Snake, Jaculi320As speciesNone
119Snake, Winged322NoneNone
120Snake, Choose Any320/322As creature chosenAs creature chosen
121Spider, Hairy326Any EvilNone
122Spider, Large326Any Neutral or EvilNone
123Spider, Choose Any326As creature chosenNone
124Stirge332Any Neutral or EvilNone
125Giant Toad, Ordinary345NoneNone
126Giant Toad, Fire345NoneNeeds bargain
127Giant Toad, Ice345Any NeutralNeeds bargain
128Giant Toad, Poisonous345Any Neutral or EvilNone
129Giant Toad, Choose Any345As creature chosenAs creature chosen
130Wolf, Common362NoneNone
131Wolf, Worg362Any Neutral or EvilNone
132Wolf, Dire362NoneNeeds bargain
133Wolf, Winter362Any EvilNeeds bargain
134Wolf, Choose Any362As creature chosenAs creature chosen