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Critical Hits For Non-Weapon Attacks

Smaller, printable version here


01-09 Hit exposed area, damage +50%

10-40 All oil, alchohol, or other flammables explode for 1/2 damage each

41-45 If holding metal item, it melts onto hand permanently (only if fire is strong enough)

46-50 Destroy 1-4 items, take full damage

51-54 One eye burned, +10% damage, see slashing

55-60 Both eyes burned, +25% damage, see slashing

61-66 Blinded for 1-6 rounds

67-74 Smoke inhalation, out of action for 1-3 rounds

75-80 Flame gets under clothes or armor, +50% damage and plasma loss for 2x bleeding damage

81-99 Burn face and skin, causing scars and -3 Chr., must cure for 5x damage to regain Chr.

00 Inhale flame, save vs. death at -5 or lungs burned out


01-40 Limb frozen, cure within 10 rounds or lose it (roll on limb table)

41-50 1-6 non-magical glass and metal items turn brittle; save at -5 if struck (even weapons)

51-60 Severely frozen, Str. and Dex. -2 for 2-12 rounds

61-70 Go into shock from cold (same effects as being unconcious). Roll less than CON on d20 every round to come out the next round unharmed

71-75 Body completely numbed- all surface nerves paralyzed for 1-3 hours: will not know damage taken per each blow, must roll under Dex. on d20 for each attack or will drop weapon

76-88 Severe frostbite- lose toes, nose, etc.

89-99 Flesh frozen and gangrene will set in, +25% damage

00 Blood crystalized, save vs. death at -5 or will be lethal.


01-20 Hits unprotected area, +50% damage

21-40 Go into convulsions for 1-3 rounds, +10% damage

41-46 All potions carried make saving throw or are changed: 50% useless, 40% new effects, 10% poison

47-52 If wearing metal armor, welded inside, +50% damage

53-65 Severe burns at entry and exit points, +25% damage

66-70 One limb burned off (roll on removal table), +75% damage

71-80 Nervous system damaged: lose 1d4 of dexterity (regained if healed for 5x damage)

81-85 Nervous system damaged: lose 1d4 of wisdom (regained if healed for 5x damage)

86-90 Nervous system damaged: lose 1d4 of intelligence (regained if healed for 5x damage)

91-93 Temporary amnesia lasts 10-29 (9+d20) days. Save vs. paralyzation or also lose all experience, spells, etc. until memory regained.

94 Permenant amnesia. Save vs. paralyzation or lose all experience.

95-98 Temporary insanity (1-8 days)

99 Permenant insanity

00 Strikes heart, save vs. death at -5 or massive coronary failure


01-40 Temporary insanity, lasts for 3-18 (3d6) days

41-49 Permanent insanity

50-59 Lingering results- poison won't leave system for 5-7 days and there will be "flashbacks" which do 10-80% (10d8) of poison damage

60-79 Unusually high dosage, effects (damage) +50%

80-97 One score lowered 1-2 must neutralize poison and heal 5x damage to regain

98-99 Save vs. poison or enters major artery: damage +300%

00 Poison has unique effect on this individual; save vs. death at -5 (or at +5 for non-damaging poisons) or fatal

Acid, dissolving

01-40 Limb struck, use limb chart or DM's choice

41-60 Hits exposed area, +50% damage

61-70 All items close to area hit save at -3 or destroyed

71-77 Acid gets into potion flask, water skin, etc.

78-82 One eye blinded, damage +10%, see slashing

83-90 Both eyes blinded, damage +25%, see slashing

91 Hair burned off, -3 damage

92-00 Severe facial damage, -3 CHR (if possible), heal damage x6 to regain