What's in a name...
Wednesday, 28-Jun-2000 04:42:55 writes:

    It is cold, dark, and she is alone. The Starcrossed Rogue would do all right on autopilot for a while. Moraya knew that she could no longer be Silver. She could no longer be what she once was, the woman everyone she'd known had loved. But that wasn't who she had become.

    "I am Jedi no more, rogue once again. Trade one mask for another and speak no more a name revered." She whispers to herself.

    Moraya had dyed her hair black and streaked it with crimson, braiding a lock of hair at each temple. It was strange to see her face now, framed by black and red instead of aubrurn. Her hair was long now and her heart wrenches at the reason for her cutting it short so many years ago.

    "Name yourself well, for it will be the name you wear to your death." She says, the hazel eyes that were her own staring back at her from the mirror.

    Smirking, Moraya was amused by the fact that she could still wear her old clothing that she had sported when she'd been Eva's smuggling partner. It had been a long long time, and she'd had a child since then. Remembering what it had once been like brings to mind the name that Evangelara had always called her. Shady. It gave her an idea...no, more than that...it gave her an identity.

    "Tonight, Jedi Mistress Moraya Lyr Silvershadow-Zafner is no more. In her place...the rogue to be known as. Shady Silvermoon..."

    The last name had an aspect of her old identity mingled with that of Eva's name, Moonshadow. Perhaps she would make that name known. She wasn't after fame really, nor love, but perhaps she could gain respect...and later when she was ready...he would know, and she would face him.

    "Destiny is for those who are not strong enough to make their own way in life. Fates be wary, a new life begins tonight."