<font color="skyblue">A life so changed...</font>

A life so changed...
Monday, 26-Jun-2000 15:23:08 writes:

    "Bloody hell Shady!!! You can't do this, it isn't right...it's not fair to her!"

    "Eva, no one has to know. I trust you to keep this from everyone. Tell no one, please. This is the last thing I will ever ask of you Evangelara."

    Moraya flings clothing and other miscelaneous objects into a few bags. She frantically tries to keep tears from her eyes as she watches her dearest friend's look of concern. Sheni hadn't woken up yet, and Silver thanked the Fates for that. Leaving her Jedi robes behind, she pulled out all her old smugglers gear and began packing that up as well. She took her lightsaber, but she wouldn't use it...not unless she found Sarin.

    "Shady this isn't fair. You can't just leave her, you can't just leave all of us! Think about what you're doing!" Eva says, scowling at Moraya...more concerned than angry.

    "Ev...I have to face him, I won't let him terrorize my daughter's life as he has terrorized mine. And I can't come back. Rayloth can never know. Lives change! People change! I've changed, damnit!" Moraya says, tossing the bags over her shoulder.

    Eva feels a lump forming in her throat as she knows there is nothing she can do to keep Moraya from going. Cursing herself silently, the former smuggler, now Jedi, watches as the one person she had actually trusted most, Shady...her partner...was going on a suicide mission.

    "Fates be damned if I let you go without a good ship. You're taking the Rogue. No arguments...if you have to go, take my ship."


    "No arguments Shady, I mean it!"

    Moraya moves to embrace her friend, tears welling up in her eyes. Eva hugs her back feeling hopeless.

    "C'mon Shady, you're gonna make me get all teary eyed. You do what you have to do...I'll always be here, you know that. And I won't tell Rayloth...I swear."

    Moraya releases her and smiles slightly, wiping away tears. It hurt to leave, and she began to wonder if the pain would ever stop. She couldn't stay, not when she felt the need to fight for her daughter. She couldn't be a Jedi with such a quest...and she could never, never let Rayloth know. She hoped Sheni, her beautiful daughter, would understand.

    "Take care of her Ev...please, like you promised me years ago."

    "You have my word, Shady."

    Moraya bows her head, heading for her daughter's room. Kneeling beside the bed she kisses Shendrian gently on the forehead.

    "I love you more than anything, my youngling. Be good, grow strong. For seven years I have loved you with all my heart, for seven years the Fates have blessed me. I hope that you will know how much you were loved and I hope that you can forgive me for leaving." Moraya whispers to her daughter. She stands, then, and heads outside for the Starcrossed Rogue on the landing pad outside.

    Leaving Eva standing outside the front door of the Zafner house, Moraya Silvershadow boards the ship. It doesn't take long to power up the old freighter, but just as she lifts off...blasting toward space...she feels a presence at her side. In a bright flash of white light, a small cat appears.


    ~Are you sure this is wise, Lady Silver?~

    "Wise or not, my little friend, I have to go. Please watch over Shendrian. It is my last request of you."

    ~Of course, but you will also be watched over. Fare the well my friend.~

    Moraya sits in the pilot's seat and makes the jump to hyperspace, watching the stars lengthen in the viewport. She wondered what Beam had meant when he said she'd be watched over too. She'd never be able to fully understand the catlike being that she'd befriended long ago.

    "Life has changed...I have come full circle. Smuggler to Jedi, to smuggler again. Goodbye Eva...keep your word."