Lost Crusader...

Chapter 1~ Where....?

Kevin Kiske opened his eyes. His apparent surrounding was inside a freighter, possibly merchant, possibly military.

He couldn't remember where he was, nor for how long he had been there. Try as hard as he could.......he couldn't remember anything thats been happening. He couldn't even remember his name.

"Talk about identity crisis.....," he murmered, sitting up on the small cot that had been his bed for as long as he can't remember. He stepped over to a view port. They were docked at a station not far from a large 'Magenta' Star. A knock came from the durasteel door to his right. The blast panels and locks slide back into their respective holes and the metal wall disappeared into the floor. A large, burly man ducked his head into the room as he entered.

"Ay now, the captain wants ta see ya wen ya'v come ta ya senses," he spoke breifly, mentioning Kiske to follow him. The former Jedi Knight's mouth formed to speak a question, but he couldn't think of anything to ask, except, Where?

"Up on the bridge, of course," came the reply, and the large man stepped back, and went up a stair case that was adjacent to the doorway. He followed reluctently(sp), his boots clicking metallically on the stairs, which led him to a large hallway, where several huge doors lined the walls. His first guess was they led to cargo holds. Around this time, Kiske first noticed his clothing. Dark brown pants made of some material he couldn't recognize, tucked into his black worn boots, whose toes were shielded with a round metal plate. A tight fitting black shirt fitted his torso, with a short sleeved jacket, again made of a material or animal hide that he had no recollection of. Several accessories adorned his waist and arms, most of them he couldn't tell what they were for or for what reason he wore them. A small hand-held projectile weapon was strapped in a holster upon his left leg. Its operation and usage seemed to come to him all at once as he stared at the small black object. A cylinder device/tool of some sort dangled from his belt, a cutting tool? He couldn't remember....

A open hatchway stood before him and he entered cautiously, his mind feeling abit paranoid, for some odd reason.

"Aaaah....Riven, so you've decided to join us," a man sitting in a large swivel chair spoke to him.


was that my name?

"Did you enjoy your nap?" the captain asked.

"Very refreshing, Captain Math," he responded.

How did I know his name?

"We're almost ready to proceed with a boarding party to the station," the captain spoke, obvious he wanted some sort of response from Kiske.

"Have you taken care to analyize the structure of the station before charging in? We don't want any useless casulties like the last time," he replied.

The last time? When was that? I can't remember.....

"Cautious as always, Riven. Haha! Yes we have taken note of the entryways and exits. We're prepared to enter from the two far-port hatchways, and proceed along this hallway till we enter into the main control room," the captain explained drawing a line across a hologram of a station that Kiske assumed was what they were about to board.

Looks like a Strike Cannon.....

His mind flickered images to him of the usage of this military hardware. A space station of sorts, that's whole function is destructive firepower, wether its planet-side or employed against starships.

You'd think these were more heavily guarded......he seemed to recall something, but lost it shortly afterwards.

"It's a good thing we assumed the identity of that resupply vessel on our way here, or this baby would've blown us into space fragments once we got within 200 klicks," the captain chortled, proud of how well the operation was going so far.

An warning blare echoed over the bridge and people scrambled to their positions to prepare for boarding.

"Aaah! Almost time to go. Riven, take your place with the 2nd boarding party, Zeeta will take the 1st," the captain commanded, turning to his information desk, apparently his business with Kiske was done for now.

"Yes, sir," Kiske replied, moving back through the hatchway he had entered earlier and over to a large blast door. 6 armed men came up behind him.

"We won't fail you sir," spoke the first man in line, fitting a cartridge into the energy rifle he carried, the others doing the same.

"Don't worry about that.....," Kiske spoke slowly, "Lets just stay alive,"

Another warning alarm went off over their heads and the captains voice could be heard over the speakers.

" 2 minutes to docking....,"

Chapter 2-

Little opposition faced the boarding party after entering into the station. It was designed to prevent boarders from ever getting near enough to board, not to stop them if they actually got to boarding. For that there was a self-detnation device located in the control room, and because of that Kiske knew they had to get there as quickly as possibly without causing much commotion.

The station was automated by robots, commanded by 2 or 3 actual people. The first officer was taken hostage quickly, being caught surprised in the hallway, reading a news-holo, from his home planet, Kiske assumed.

Standard resupply operations are done by droids.

Imagine the man's reaction as he rounded the corner finding several armed men training the sights of their weapons onto his head.

Kiske had to chuckle. Something about the look on his face reminded him of something he couldn't quite remember.....

1 down, 2 to go.

They proceeded along the outer hallway, the view ports showed a large dark blue planet not to far from them. Perhaps they were orbiting it even. Kiske couldn't remember the name of the celestial body nor what government space they were occupying.

Someone will tell me sooner or later.... he thought to himself. He stopped his team of ragtag commando's from going into the next room.

"What is it, sir?" one of them asked.

"I don't know....It doesn't feel right.....," he murmered. Why it didn't feel right to him, he didn't know, but something inside him told him to trust his instincts.

"Skip this room, go to the next one," he ordered them, which they did quickly without questions.

The 2nd officer was busy brushing his teeth, apparently it was almost his time to go on duty of watching and organizing the robots. Kiske swore the man bit the end off the toothbrush upon discovering a blaster carbine pressed to his neck.

2 down, 1 to go.

Not much more distance till they reach the control room, Kiske hopped a fire-fight wouldn't start once they got there. Hopefully the last officer in command of this installation isn't there, and there won't be any struggle.

Alot of clicking and whirring could be heard from the control room. About a dozen robots were lined up along the wall, typing away at the key boards, immersing themselves with their station duties.

No officer.

That was good.

But what wasn't good was the sound of a blaster firing off in the hallway where the 1st boarding team was to cover. Kiske's men took up positions along the hatchway, ready to stop any opposition or anybody from retreating into this room. A single man ran down the hallway toward their position. The 3rd officer apparently. Kiske ordered his men to hold their fire, "We'll grab him when he gets over here," he finished, confidently knowing that the officer stumbled upon the 1st boarding party, and isn't aware of a 2nd.

Two blaster bolts zipped up from behind the man, the first, striking a cooling pipe, which flooded the hallway with a thick fog like moisture, the 2nd struck the man in the middle of the back, causing him to collapse just as he reached the hatchway for the control room.

Kiske looked almost shocked at the brutallity of how the man was killed. His eyes showed pity for the man just doing his job. He stepped over to the crumpled body and placed his hand over the man's eyes, closing them and his mouth, Kiske didn't want his men to see the shocked expression of surprise on the dead man's face, as hot white death pierced his back and most like reputured his lung and fried most of his heart.

Footsteps echoed out from the fog that had filled the hallway, and a figure stepped free of the cloud. A cold, yet pleasured smile curved upon her purple lips, complimenting the tone of her skin, which was light blue. Her silver eyes darted from the dead man to Kiske's own face. She seemed oddly familiar.....

A name formed in his head.......

"Neina.....," he whispered, but quickly caught his mistake, "Zeeta.....," he spoke more loudly. Zeeta brushed back her dark blue short hair, moaning slightly of pleasure from the kill she had just performed.

"Finally......I thought this whole thing was going to be a bore," she giggled, waving her hand back into the hallway, the 1st boarding party coming up and moving into the room with the 2nd.

The Strike Cannon was theirs, but at the cost of a life.....

Somehow Kiske felt that was too much to pay for.

Chapter 3-

The weapon was theirs. For what purpose they acquired it, Kiske didn't know.

He retreated to his room, after returning to the modified freighter, the 'Lawless', the name became aware to him walking down a hallway adjacent to the ship he had woken up on, its name painted bright blue on its round hull. Was he a pirate?
Or a Special Ops Agent of some sort?
Or a Mercenary even?
He couldn't remember, nor could he figure it out on his own. He was tempted to ask around, but that would draw the wrong kind of attention.......attention Kiske knew he didn't want, for some strange reason.

"Riiiiven......," came a soft cooing voice from behind his door. Zeeta he assumed. He hadn't seen any other females aboard the ship yet. He thumbed the unlock panel, and the door slid open. She ducked her head and stepped in, her arms tucked behind her back. She was still wearing the same thing when they boarded the Strike Cannon. Tight dark grey pants of unknown material. A tight dark grey vest, the collar made of a fluffy material, which excentuated(sp) her neck line.

This woman liked to flirt. Perhaps thats why she's one of the higher ranked person's onboard. Kiske didn't know, and didn't think he'd want to know.

"Did you see my kill? I think you did, considering you were standing over the body when I caught up with it.....," she asked.

"Yeah......it was a clean kill," he replied, remembering the officer's face at the time of his death. It sent shivers up his spine. Zeeta grinned like a cat and looked about, curious to her surroundings.

"Your quarters....are......pretty dull looking...," she seemed disappointed, "With all the space Captain's given you to live in, you'd think you'd be a better interior decorator,"

"So sorry to disappoint you," he narrowed his eyes slightly, .....why?.....he didn't know. To look cool and mean? That's what he figured. She grinned more at his expression.

"So there IS a bad boy to you.....," she smiled, showing her pearly white teeth, that clashed with her skin tone, "Stop by my quarters, sometime........we'll.....'talk',"

"Yeah.....sure, another time," he replied. She grinned once more, slipped out the door and up the staircase. The door sliding shut after she was gone. Her perfume he could still smell, mixed with her sweat. Kiske shook his head to clear it, and sat back down on the cot, readjusting the tools that hung from his belt. The long metallic cylindrical device caught his attention once again, and he took it off the loop to examine it.

Nothing special about it....Except a button and a dial. He was tempted to test them, but he realized that it might be an explosive of some sort. The dial being the timer and the button to start it. Better safe than sorry, he placed it upon the small metal table that occupied the corner of his room and stretched out on the cot, his arms folded behind his head.

Guess I'll wait to see what happens next......he thought to himself, staring at the durasteel ceiling that hung above him.

Chapter 4-

How long had it been?

A couple days?


A month even?

Time seemed to pass quickly for the crew of the 'Lawless', tugging the large Strike Cannon behind them, heading for their intended goal.

A system along the outer rim of the Galaxy. Delta 7/9.

It had no real significance to the rest of the universe, but it meant alot to the people that lived there. The people that....tried to live anyway...

About 2 standard galactic decades ago, D79 was under a heavy economic depression, from diversion of funds from the NR towards the war effort against the NSE and GE. The small democratic government broke down easily as the people started to riot, in search of food and water, armming themselves with whatever they can. One of the rebellion's leaders, Marc Nevtrim, was elected as 'overseer', which pretty much means 'dictator'. His ruthless ambitions raised moral among the people of the colony, increasing their work effort, pulling them out of the depression. They rivaled several of the neighboring star systems in Economical value in years to come. However, most of the money D79 was making were going toward the production of weapons and other military projects. The people soon realized their error in electing Nevtrim as their leader, and began to revolt against him as well.

But Nevtrim used the weapons they had been building over the last few years against their makers. The rebellion, was over quickly. It was known in D79's cultural historical databanks as the 'One small Sin Revolt'. One third of D79's population suffered because of it.

"They all burned....," Kiske remembers one of the Engineers recalling the incident, "Burned till there was nothing,"

Was he a colonist of D79? More questions banged on the edge of Kiske's mind, and it frustrated him to no ends that he couldn't answer them.

Apparently the 'Strike Cannon' was one of several that Nevtrim kept along the system's rim, like he was expecting some sort of attack from one of the neighboring systems, or the Sith for that matter. It seemed counter espoinage(sp) wasn't all that well developed around here, Kiske thought to himself.

Wait....how would I know?

Have I been schooled in the matter?

His thoughts raced over a glimmer of images that came to his mind from time to time. Mostly it wasn't ANY images at all, but rather a warm....relaxing feeling that poured out of him whenever he would try and concentrate to remember his past.

He didn't understand any of it.

Zeeta, visited his quarters every now and then, mostly just to chat....and flirt alittle it seems.

He could tell she was getting frustrated over the fact that he wasn't really all that interested in her. Maybe thats why she kept coming back and kept trying....

because she hadn't been refused before, and the thought of it aggrivates her....

Kiske really couldn't tell, and it didn't seem that big of a deal to him either way.

Captain Math said it would only be a few more days till they reached the inner part of the system.

Why didn't they just go into Hyperspace for a couple minutes?

A tech explained to him that they'd be picked up by Nevtrim's sensory equipment down on the planet.

"Geez Riven, I thought you'd know something like that....," the tech grumbled.

"Oh....sorry...slipped my mind I guess" Kiske stuttered apologetically.

So it seemed this little band of freedom fighters was going to hold D79 hostage with the cannon and force Nevtrim into submission.

"I got a bad feeling about this....," Kiske mumbled to himself as he stared out at the endless sea of stars.

Chapter 5-

Kiske awoke to the sound of internal alerms as the Captain blared over the speakers....

"We're approaching D79. Everyone prepare for whats to come. Riven and Zeeta report to the bridge,"

Kiske grabbed his jacket and raced up the stairs to the main hallway of the ship, jogging lightly down it passing soldiers and technicians alike as they scrambled to prepare themselves for the operation.

"Blast it all where is that young man!?" Math stroked his beard nervously as him and Zeeta waited for Kiske to join them.

"I am here...," replied Kiske, stepping through the large blast doors of the bridge, which slid back into place once sensing it wasn't being obstructed anymore.

"Alright then. We can proceed," Math swiveled the chair around to face the bridge view screen, D79 loomed ahead.

A mining colony?? Kiske raised a brow as he beheld the large station.

Some pretty expensive material must be comin' out of there for Nevtrim to produce such extensive weaponry.

"Receiving transmission, Captain," the Comms. Unit officer reported.

"On screen...," Math narrowed his eyes at the middle aged man who appeared before the entire bridge. His bleached white hair seemed alittle out of contrast with those big blue eyes.

"Kerensky Math.....my my.....returning a Cannon to me are we?" Nevtrim mocked the small rebellion fraction.

"This has gone on to long Nevtrim! We'll end this here! With either your surrender, or Delta's destruction!" Math shouted at the vid screen. Zeeta and several other crew members gasped at the ultimatum. It was never their intention to destroy their home.....even if it was owned and run by a corrupt person.

Kiske tilted his head to the side in confusement....

Whoa....waitaminute.....I thought we were here to save the colony.....

"Really now, do you expect me to believe your going to destroy the only place you've called home, just to get to me??" Nevtrim laughed.

Math growled slightly, biting his lip, his bluff obviously not being taken.

"Fine! Strike Cannon Unit....?"

"Yes, Sir?" replied a technician that was over onboard the cannon.

"Prepare to fire.....,"

"Rodger that,"

The large cannon swiveled around in space as its small manuvering thrusters brought it to bear against the station. A large build up of energy was being drawn into the barrel as it prepared to bring about its destructivness.

"Last chance Nevtrim. Surrender or be destroyed,"

"Oh I think you'll have to surrender....," Nevtrim grinned.

Several Ion cannons atop the station turned and opened fire on the cannon, rendering it inopperative.

"B...b...but how....," Math stuttered.

"You seem to have forgotten Math....," Nevtrim mocked, "The cannon's shields drop when it charges for firing. Now.....are you going to give yourselves up? Or do I have to go in there and capture you?" Nevtrim seemed all to bored with this now.

"We will never surrender!!! You'll have to kill me before I do such a thing!!!" Math, frustrated at that the plan had failed, hoped to last longer in the face of a greater opposition.

Nevtrim sighed, raising his hand up toward the screen....

"Have it your way," he said as he tighted his fist, all of a sudden Math started choking from a loss of breath.

"Captain!" Zeeta shrieked, gasping at the unseen horror.

I've.....seen this before.......Kiske seemed to recall. A strangle hold without even touching them.....

Where have I seen this....he asked him again.

Nevtrim cackled at how weak Math was.

"Now.....I think your ready to surrender....," he grinned with glee, releasing the Force choke on the older man. Math panted heavily as he was allowed to breath again.

"No.....," he muttered, "Not to you.....not to you....," he fell forward out of his chair, losing conciousness from the lack of oxygen. Zeeta rushed over to him, rolling him onto his back, checking for a pulse and breathing rate.

Kiske looked up at the screen.

I've seen him before as well.........

Chapter 6-

Kiske was seperated from the rest of the crew as soldiers loyal to Nevtrim boarded the lawless and began taking them as prisoners. Several refused to cooperate, and a small fire fight broke out every now and then. But due to the close quarters, and the overwhelming presence the soldiers had on the crew, they were silenced quickly.

He looked to Zeeta as soldiers burst into the bridge, shouting and yelling at everyone to surrender immediately. She merely nodded her head slowly, picking up the unconcious Captain, and moving steadily toward to soldiers that would take them into custody.

Onboard Delta 79, Zeeta and the Captain were taken another way, down a seperate hallway, possibly to see Nevtrim. Kiske was moved along with the rest of the rebels, till he also was seperated in a single cell.

Sleep....eventually overtook him as he waited inside the durasteel confines, waiting for anything to happen, waiting for something to happen.

His dreams were abit fuzzy at first....

He couldn't really tell what to make of them.....until they cleared up that is.

He saw himself, docking in a hanger.....possibly D79's hanger.

It looked like it anyway.....sep' the starfighter was unfamiliar to him. As was his attire. Long dark grey robes. He looked like a Monk, he thought....

The dream fizzled again, then cleared up upon a different scene. He was listening in to a conversation Nevtrim was having....

"I've heard reports of a ----,"

"I'll look into it sir,"

"See that you do....I have something in mind for this..----,"

Again the dream clouded.

It cleared up shortly afterward, showing him again in a large training room of sorts. Handling a long glowing pole. Several other people were with him as well, wearing simular attire, carrying simular glow staffs.




Solo Eleven...


Names came to him almost instantly as he looked to their faces.

Another scene played out before his mind's eye....

It was him, sleeping in some room on D79, but large dark tentacles of energy were seeping in from the walls, wrapping around his mind, making him forget....


His dream image came before him once again, smiling calmly, a light aura surrounding him.

What am I doing here?

I am here to liberate D79 from a Darksider.

What is my goal?

To purge the darkness from this place.

......Who am I?

His dream self narrowed his eyes slightly, and the both of them repeated the same exact sentence.

I am Kevin Kiske, Jedi Knight, and Crusader.


Kiske opened his eyes.

"I remember now.....," he spoke as he looked at the bolted door. It unlocked itself and opened slowly.

Chapter 7-

First objective.....

Find my lightsaber.

It's problably still on the 'Lawless', I didn't take the sucker anywhere, cause I didn't know what it was.

He smirked to himself.

Kiske couldn't believe he let his guard down that much to allow abit of Mind manipulation to get in there from Nevtrim. After I get back to HQ.....I'm deffinently gonna work on defense, he told himself, wind walking down the corridor which led to the entry way to the prison block he was kept at.

A guard turned the corner every now and then, but Kiske could feel them coming before they even turned. He quickly Force dashed past them, so even if they were paying attention, all they'd see is a brown and black blur shoot by.

Blast doors found, he peeked around the corner at the lone officer keeping guard over only entrance/exit to the prison compound of D79.

Time to flex that Force muscle and see what I'm capable of.....

He casually strolled over to the desk, the officer looked up at him in a quite confused state. On rare occasions have person's other than guards walk 'out' of the block containing prisoners.

"Uh.....who are you?" he asked.

"Nobody special," Kiske murmered narrowing his eyes at the guard as his Force powers focused into a point.

"Could you open the door?" he asked in a.....suggestive way, his sphere of influence in the force surrounding him and the officer.

"Ok...," the man replied, touching a few buttons on the command console laid out infront of him. The door clicked loudly, humming of electronics and gears as its locks depressurized themselves and opened.

"Thank you kindly," Kiske smiled, walking through the door.

"Who the hell are you!?" the guards on the other side turned to him as he walked through.

Uhoh....didn't remember that these guys were here....

This could be bad....

"Get him!" they yelled rushing for the unarmed Jedi.

Again he let the Force free his mind, increasing his response time and slowing those around him.

He ducked down low as the first guard came at him in attempts to whack him upside the head with his blaster rifle. The man's movements seem almost pitifully slow as the rifle passed completely over Kiske's head.

Kiske snapped his arm up, turning his palm downward, slamming it into the guard's stomach, aidded by the Force. The counter manuver sent the man flying back across the room, slamming into the bulkhead, knocking out cold.

The 2nd guard, came up to Kiske's right, bringing his right knee up to deal a hefty blow to Kiske in the jaw. Again Kiske anticipated the man's move, guided by the Force of course, his right hand came up and knocked the knee away. His own left knee snapped upward as he stood up, catching the guard in the hip, which lifted him slightly in the air.

Again time and movement seemed to slow down. Kiske noted that it was just his inhanced perception with the Force, guiding him along and a incredible rate.

The guard seemed to hang there, almost a foot off the ground. Kiske spun around on his right pivot, his left leg snapping out again, slamming into the man's side, sending him flying for the opposite wall. He bounced off it and landed heavily on the floor, out cold.

Kiske smiled to himself, it felt good after so long to actually feel the relaxing energies of the Force flow into him.

"Who the hell are you?!" came a confused shout behind Kiske.

Apparently what he had done to the officer earlier had worn off.... Hmm....gotta remind myself not to stretch so far when using Force abilities.

Kiske dashed forward down the corridor as the alarm went off all around him. He came to a large loading dock and tunnel which lead deep into the asteroid that D79's composed of.

Not where I wanted to go....

"Excuse me," he stopped to ask a miner, "Where's the hanger from here?"

"Whats that sonny? Hanger? Just two docks down, take a right at the 'J' corridor and take the lift down to Level 2," the scruffy old man replied.

"Thank you," Kiske touched the man's shoulder to show him he sincerly ment it. The man almost looked shocked. Apparently he hadn't been thanked for any of his service since Nevtrim took over D79. Kiske felt sad for him.

Soldiers began to appear not to far away as they regrouped to begin searching for the youngman. Kiske cursed under his breath, and walked quickly toward his destination as fast as he could.

Several other people adorned the lift as it stopped on his level, most of them looked tired.

"Level 2 please," Kiske asked politly, as he joined the Miners. Several seconds passed afterwards, which lead him to believe nobody was really paying attention to him, so he pushed the down button himself.

The lift doors opened up to a large shape-shift hanger, which looked like it had been dug right into the rock, which it had. He glanced around breifly before finding what he was looking for. His E-Wing he had parked 2 months before. He was abit worried about them towing it, but he DID pay for that parking spot for the next 8 months. All was well it seemed, his R5 astromech droid that had been assigned to him, swiveled its head toward him, squeeling in a happy like tone.

"I missed you to, Bluejay," Kiske grinned at the droid, who whurped back at him.

"There he is!!!" Soldier's broke into a run as they entered the hanger and spotted Kiske.

The young Crusader calmly opened the cockpit, even though they were training their blaster sights on him. He calmly reached into the storage compartment behind his pilot seat, even though they were preparing to shoot him if he were to struggle. He calmly whipped out the large FC1 'Flechette Launcher' and pointed it toward them.

"Holy-....!!!!!" a soldier yelled as a canister from the Launcher popped out in a white flash, sailing towards them very quickly. The range on detnation wasn't set for 30 meters though....it was set for 50, and its target was the nice looking refueling hover craft against the wall of the hanger.


Kiske opened to door to his quarters that he had spent so much time in on the 'Lawless'. He fumbled around with the lock to the shelf that kept his personnal pocessions that he had with him when he was known as Riven.

Riven was his cover. It was ment as a more mercenary sounding name, so that he couldn't be tracked down as well since Nevtrim would obviously start searching for him once he realized a Jedi was onboard D79.

He grasped his hand tightly round the lightsaber, smiling at the snugg fit it made against his fingers. He thumbed the activation switched and grinned with glee as the bright white blade hummed to life. He felt so content now....almost like the feeling he first felt when he had just finished making the blade back at the old Jedi Academy on Coruscant.

First objective complete...

Now it was time to finish things up....

His identity was known, he couldn't hide from Nevtrim, and he couldn't leave Math and Zeeta at his mercy.

It was time to confront the darkness.......

Chapter 8-

Kiske walked defiently down the large corridor towards Nevtrim's office, his lightsaber held loosely in his left hand, his boots clicking against the metal floor.

I think I'm coming off abit cocky........he told himself.

Guards and Soldiers alike moved to stop him, but almost immediately withdrew once they realized that he was a Jedi. They stared wide-eyed at him as he walked confidently down the hall. They had heard the stories the GE was spreading, and none of them were brave enough to see if they were true. They merely turned their heads to watch him walk past, hoping Nevtrim was ready for what came his way, and hoping they wouldn't all die for letting a Jedi infiltrate so deeply into D79.

Um.......are they suppose to be scared? Kiske wondered, glancing about at the surprised faces with his deep eyes. He had never really experienced how 'normal' people or aliens react from one such as him, he wasn't really allowed to leave the Academy very often. And since he hooked up with the Crusader's, outside contact had become almost null and void. Was expecting more of a hero's welcome actually.......

The two large doors that lead into Nevtrim's, 'throne room' as it was called, stood before Kiske, believing that possibly with the ancient runes etched into their surfaces, they might keep the Jedi at bay. He pushed at them with his right hand, not surprised that they were locked.

With a flick of his wrist, he illuminated the end of the corridor with his saber. Technicians, soldiers and miners alike gasped at the display, as Kiske carved a opening into the thick structure that blocked him from proceeding. With a shift boot to the middle, the make-shift hole fell inward with a heavy clank.

"Aaaah, Riven....We've been waiting," Nevtrim sat at a plush black arm chair at the end of a extravagent carpet. He set a glass of wine he'd been drinking down on the arm and dusted his hands. Math looked up at Kiske, his face covered in sweat, his forehead bleeding slightly, his hands were tied tightly round his back. Apparently he had been interrogated or something rather.

Kiske gritted his teeth as he glanced at Math, then looked up back at Nevtrim. "Vile Darksider....., release him and his crew at once!" he barked.

Nevtrim grinned slowly. "...and if I refuse?" he tilted his head, raising a white eyebrow.

"Then 'I' will release them myself," Kiske tilted his head in the opposite direction, obviously mocking the mocker.

"Don't toy with me boy! Just who do you think you are!?" Nevtrim stood quickly, igniting his own white colored lightsaber, stepping down the steps reaching level ground with Kiske. Holding his blade low and to the right.

Kiske held his saber up in the standard front kanae position. Opening himself up to the Force. He had ONE advantage.

Something Nevtrim doesn't know......

It pained him to do so, but Kiske knew he had to use this advantage if he were to overcome this foe.

"Me? Why I'm a Jedi Knight.....," he spoke, as his Force energies reached their peak, his weight leaned forward slightly, and in less than an instant, he had crossed the distance of 7 meters to Nevtrim, his saber humming lightly as it arced across the Darksider's waistline.

Marc Nevtrim's breath escaped him in a astonished gasp.

"......and Crusader," Kiske finished, deigniting his lightsaber, taking a step back from the mortally wounded man. Nevtrim's mouth hung open as his eyes rolled into the back of his head, he fell backwards onto the steps, dead.......more exactly....free from the shackles of the darkside.....

Kiske sighed, wiping his brow. It felt wrong to do so, but he knew that it could have been much more difficult. The ensuing saber battle would have been a hard one indeed if he had let it proceed, and it would have most likely endangered Math's life, were Nevtrim to be losing, he would've used him as a hostage to force Kiske into defeat, or to use as his own means of escape.

There was a snap and a hiss behind him, something Kiske, had obviously, not predicted him. He turned around to the purple lightsaber that was pointed toward him.


"Yes, Riven, its me," she snarled at him, the purple tint of the light reflecting off her eerie blue skin.

"What are you-.....?" he began to ask.

"....Doing?" she finished for him, "I'm going to avenge my Master, thats what I'm doing!"

"But....but....on the 'Lawless'....?"

"I was Nevtrim's spy of course, keeping watch over the memory malfunctioned Jedi and the rebel fraction," she snorted.

".....so....why the flirting?"

"........," she paused, "...I....I knew that eventually you'd rediscover your memories.....and I figured that I could bring you over to the darkside if I had you fall in love with me before you did so....,"

"Zeeta...," a glint of saddness washed over his Kiske's face as he looked upon the lonely woman.

"I never really liked Nevtrim....he was usually always mean to me. I had heard stories of Master's that are almost like foster parents to their apprentices. He was just a dirty old man.....," she sighed, lowering her saber slightly. "But still!!! He was my Master!!!" the fire in her eyes grew once again, "....and by destroying his killer, I will complete my dark cycle, replacing him as the dominant Sith in this sector of the galaxy,"

She rushed toward Kiske, screaming, her lightsaber held high atop her head.

"Zeeta......," Kiske murmered,

I'm sorry.

Kiske's white saber impaled her through the stomach, cutting her scream into a muffled groan. He quickly flicked it off so it wouldn't boil her insides, which would have led to a painful death.

She slumped down onto her knee's, Kiske tossed his saber aside and caught her in his arms.

"Riven.....," she mumbled, her purple colored blood seeping up to her mouth.

"Ssssshhh don't talk....," he brushed her light blue hair back, stroking her smooth face gently to calm her. "You'll be alright now....,"

".........," she stared at him, a look of fear spread to her face. "I don't....want to die....," she almost cried.

"Your won't die. Sssssshhh....your going somewhere quiet. Thats all.....," he caressed her cheek, his warm hand against her cold skin.

Zeeta exhaled once more, and then passed away.