<font color="blue"><i> A midnight visit to her daughter...
A midnight visit to her daughter...
Saturday, 24-Jun-2000 22:11:23 writes:

    The room was dark, but darkness was not a concern. It was one of the five living areas of the young Jedi's ship, the one most commonly occupied. The room inwhich young Zaelia Chamberlain dwelled during the night hours.

    In the corner of the Jedi's bedroom, a blue light starts to form. Within a few minutes, the room is filled with a soft presence, the spirit of the once-Jedi completely materialized.

    The spirit looks around the room briefly, already knowing what to expect but taking some amusement at her daughter's decorating skills. She chuckles to herself, and the small laugh echoes througout the room like a minor roll of thunder. The figure in the bed, now apparent by the light, does not stir.

    Deeia's eyes filled with compassion as she gazed over her sleeping child. The poor girl had been through a lot, more than anyone should have to face. Then again, the Jedi spirit reflected, she was a child of the light, and their life was meant to be hard.

    Zaelia had found so much of herself so quickly. Now, the girl was nearing seventeen, and she hadn't quite found where she belonged. She had tried, but as a great master once observed, one must do in order to succeed.

    The spirit levitated to the bed inwhich her daughter lay, sitting silently beside her sleeping form. Zaelia did not stir. Slowly, almost cautiously, Deeia reached out and softly caressed the girl's cheek. A look of sadness came over her spiritual face, and she withdrew her unfelt touch as if stung.

    "Zaelia," she whispered, not intending her to hear or awake. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

    There were many things she was sorry for. Sorry that she had gotten her into this mess, that she had not fought for her life that day that seemed so far behind yet so near at the same time. Sorry that her daughter felt alone. Sorry that she could not make her see that it was the life she had chosen, and in that certain sacrifices had to be made. Sorry that Zaelia was constantly reminded of her past, either by spectors claiming to know various figures, or by such visits from her mother. Deeia looked down, knowing this was the reason she had chosen to appear only at this hour. She had to see her daughter, for to her, the pain in losing a loved one through her own death was as great as if it had been her that lived and Zaelia who perished.

    Her greatest sorrow, however, was how the Jedi discovered that she was her mother.

    Even in the life after, Deeia was tortured in her earthly failures. One of her greatest failures, it seemed, was her duty as a mother. Any self-respecting Jedi would have amounted to the daughter they bore, especially when they loved her as much as Deeia did. Many had regarded her as a great Jedi in life, when she has keeping her daughter a secret from the her friends, the galaxy, and even herself. That was the worst thing she could contemplate doing. And no matter how many times her friends, family, and Zaelia forgave her, she would never allow herself the honor of letting it go.

    Deeia reached out again, the emotions that would have caused tears on an earthly lifeform clouding her now. "Zaelia," she whispered, "things will improve. I shall see to it."

    At that, the girl stirred, moaning a bit and turning over. Deeia withdrew her hand once more, standing this time. She smiled at her daughter as she returned to the corner inwhich she appeared.

    As she began to fade, back to her family that had already departed the physical world, Deeia placed her hand to her lips then outstretched her arm toward her daughter. "I love you, my child."

    With that, the spirit of the Jedi Master melted into the air, back to her eternal resting place. Back to where she would watch and guide Zaelia Chamberlain until they joined in the end.

    Spirit of Jedi Master Deeia