Rites of Passage: The Golden Child
Tuesday, 27-Jun-2000 16:06:29 writes:

    ~The visions had not stopped at the Temple of Adonai. Janli knew that. She had watched Jade closely as the older slowly went through the library of the past. Sometimes She would just sit back and watch the auburned haired Jedi Master meditate. Closing her own golden eyes and allowing the essences of the light to flood her young body. Jade had taught her well and Janli, though young, was learning all she could.~

    ~Janli, the daughter of Jade's older sister, Ophelia and the older sister to Dazaryl, would sit for hours, just floating on the force, employiung the firewalls Jade had first taught her. Firewalls that were necesarry to contain the secret of thier location.~

    ~Unlike most children Janli's age, she enjoyed the calm quiet of meditation. The simple flow of the river of life. It's cool kiss aroundher body soothing in the prescence of the firey darkness.~

    ~The "Golden Child" of the Swiftblades, Janli's hair is of honey and her eyes golden tan. Her would was the same. Tough touched by the darkness or fear and pain and death, Janli came through it forged stronger and shining brighter. The weeks she spent in the clutches of the sith Ronin Karah Delandra had taught her fear. The Ronin's 'doctor friend' had taught her pain.~

    ~Through the useage of needles the 'doctor' had injected the little girl with syrums to enhance pain. Slowly and efficiently then afterwards.. he gave her pain. always keepingher just below the threahold of unconsciousness or death. Janli had shed many tears then. But she had not given them the information they wanted. She had not known.~

    ~The escape had been a fluke... the will of the Force.. of Adonai she knew now. For a child to escape from a fully traned sith warrior was enough to make any scoff in disbelief but she had done it. And the year that followed was pure hell.~

    ~A child has no way to protect herself alone in the galaxy. Andshe found out first hand taht there are very few that would gladly help. Every encounter with the sith merely added to Janli's pallet, the taste for the sith syndrom. They liked to cause pain and suffering. They liked chaos. They thought the galaxy was thiers to play as a chess board.~

    ~That year was almost enough to kill her. Jumping from space port to space port to city to village, trying to keep away from the sith that were so bent on the galaxy's destruction. Trying to keep one step ahead of the hunger and alley trash.~

    ~When at last she had been found by a Jedi and his daughter, Janli had been a hairs bredth from death. Starved and injured. And that had been the end of her pain. The Jedi had heard of Jade.. Had known how to contact her.. The Jedi's daughter had given Janli a little wild cat's kitten.~

    ~Janli's smile was payment enough but as the two girls played with thier kittens, Janli showed yet another ability. She purred and mewed quietly and the kitten answered her!~

    ~After Jade had collected the little girl, Janli had left her past of cold hatred and pan behind, exchanging it for a life where hs ehad famiily and was loved. She had her own room and toys. And food. Janli was happy but still she felt alone. Jade was a great person. She loved Jade with all her heart. But Jade was still almost three times Janli's age.~

    ~This problem had been solved when Jade had brought home Dazaryl, Janli's sister. Now there was four children there counting the new additions of Aunt Karoly's twins.~

    ~But lately, Janli had spent more and more time just watchign Jade... Or more accurately, Jadey. Janli was not sure how many on board the ship knew Jade and Jadey's secret but Janli knew right away. Jade... the real Jade.. had left to search for her sisters and Jadey had taken her place.~

    ~Jadey was a bit of a novelty. A Jedi Master that had been Surgically altered to look and sound like Jade. Even her eyes patterns had been changed. Tattos placed corectly. Jade and Jadey had beenfriends for a long long time as far as Janli could tell. And when Jadey was around even Janli sometimes had a hard time telling them apart.~

    ~Jade had had her vision at the Temple then had suddenly decided to continue the search for her sisters. Alone. Jadey had smoothly and secretly taken her place. And so Janli had also slipped into her role. She sat and watched and felt Jadey meditate.~

    ~The calm waves of the force surrounding her and flowing through her, she smiles as a vision kisses her thoughts... ~

    ~She stands triumphantover a dark form.. it is impossible to tell who or what it was she only knew it was a dark figure.. something evila nd she had killed it..~

    ~Jade and Jadey were there... Her sister too. And she lifted her Special Saber ... the one like Jades that has the crest of her lineage engraved into it...~

    ~Yes.. Janli Swiftblade.. would be a mighty jedi one day.....~

    ~The girl just smiled as she closes her eyes.. feeling the force wash over her...~

    Janli Swiftblade