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GTA Cars

These are the GTA Cars that are worth stealing and what they can do for you! As you know working for the mob and getting to where your going is important so I hope this will help a little for you New Comers or Experts getting a little advice.
Here are the GTA Cars with their(in my opinion)speed,sighting,turning,what lvl their in, and acceleration.

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. I am still building this page so be PATIENT.

In this listing it tells YOU WHAT I THINK about the qualities of the car. If you think im wrong and want me to change something e-mail me@
, also try to keep the details of the car in one word if YOU mail me! READ ALL ABOUT IT......DOWONLOADS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE!

Everything will be colored co-ordinated.

Speed will be Red.

Sightings will be Blue.

Turning will be Orange.

The Level it is on is in Green. Ps. If it is on all the levels I will not list where it is since its on ALL the levels.

The Acceleration will be in Purple.