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Indy LazerTag!

Welcome to the Home Page for Indy Lazer Tag!

Greetings and Salutations! We are a brand new laser tag group based smack dab in the middle of Indiana. We currently have about 10 "members", and we are beginning to grow. As a new group, we are looking to add your skills and ideas into our own. We are currently evaluating many of the notions that Laser Tag takes for granted and we expect to build our group and our gear around what we find.

If, you are interested in playing, know someone who is interested in playing, or just have a good idea that relates to lasertag in general, join us on our group. Or if you prefer a more personal response, just e-mail me at the link below.

I hope to hear from someone soon! These pages will be expanded as I work on the pages from time to time - let me know if you have something you would think could improve this page.

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