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Editors:  Celo the Noodle and Tim the Bean


bottom two

Bears 13 @ Saints 28

NOTE: This game was played w/ the new rules for year 2 as an experiment and it was successful, the game went smooth and was pretty exciting! There were a couple punts on each side, FG attempts, extra point FG’s, penalties and yes… even injuries!

The game was much closer than the score indicates. This was a battle to the very end it was 21- 13 w/ 2min left and possession was w/ the Bears but could not convert on 4th down. On that drive McMahon hit Gentry on a pass on 3rd down that would have made it 1st but the box was rolled and there was a penalty on the “O” that pretty much deflated the drive. Saints scored a TD on there next possession that gave them a cushion for the WIN! MVP goes to Ricky Williams by rushing for 115yds w/ a 16yd TD reception. A close 2nd would go to Bears TE E. Moorehead who had 2 rec. for 120yds. and 2 TD’s.  


# 1 SEED North SAINTS(7-3) at home vs. # 2 SEED South NEW RAMS(6-4)

# 1 SEED South JETS(6-4) vs. # 2 SEED North Da BEARS(6-4)

It’s hard to pick a favorite in either game cause every team equally strong!




Rams @ Redskins, Loser gets the “DOORMAT”



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