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The Hunter's Guild

This is the Hunter's Guild here I'll tell you what the jobs are and how much money you'll get paid for it. Job: The Ranch Owner, Tinkerbell's Dog, The Missing Student, The Fissure of Fear, The Stain in Life, The Dying Boy, Man With a Twist, The Silver Solider,

Description: The Ranch owner in Mile has let his Sandworms grow to big be sure to stop them here is how I defeated it Chaz:attack,Crosscut Alys:Saner(one or twice should do),vortex Rika:shift,dblslash Gryz:War cry(once or twice),attack Hahn:Wat(or Giwat if high enough),res(or gires) commision:5000 meseta
A family in Aiedo has lost their pet Rocky In order to get rocky go to the hidden bakery outside of Aiedo get the shortcake and go to the town of Monsen find the dog and talk to Him twice to get him to come along. Commision:2000 Meseta
Remember the church in Kadary?Well that is where you find the missing student after you defeat Zio go to the town of Termi to pick up the give the student after she collapses. Commision:3000 Meseta
Remember the crack in Monsen and how you couldn't get in well it just so happens that a little boy fell into the hole(said he wanted to reach the other side of the world)unfortuneatly he was eaten by a slug but wasn't digested yet EWWW!!!! the slug maybe a boss just use any foi technigues which you have at the moment. Commision:5000 Meseta
Head off to Uzo, a town located on a small island in the southwest. Some parents there are a bit upset. You see, two of their daughters felt like going shopping, so they built a raft and floated to the mainland. They went to Aiedo, a shoppers paradise. Unfortunately, they've been gone way too long.Well, not really. The two girls have been jailed because they couldn't pay their hotel bills (you saw these ladies early on, didn't you?) To get them out, you'll have to grease the palm of the local constable. How much? You guessed it: 50,000 Meseta. Commision:50,000 Meseta
There's a boy in Torinco, a town located south of Termi, who thinks he's dying. What's his problem, anyway? he thinks he is sick because they don't get around that much due to the monsters the Alis-Sword from the gift shop in Termi. He'll be so amazed that he actually has a legendary weapon of yore that he gets all better. Case closed. Commision:10,000 Meseta
There are killer birds who are destroying crops get rid of them find the man he'll tell you to get rid of the birds go to the cave in the northeast destroy King rappy but the man will ask you not to hurt them anymore and he'll leave. Commision:20,000 Meseta(even though you don't get it)
Your final mission will start off in the town of Zema. Some robots have been messin' around there, creating havoc and generally sticking their noses in where they don't belong (like Birth Valley.) An old man will tell you to head off to the northeast. Far east of the top of the Zema bridge you'll find the Vahal Fort. Inside are some useful items like Laco Gear and Laco Armor. But you're main purpose here is to shut down the main computer that's been causing the trouble. It's one of Seed's creations, and it thinks that it still needs to control all aspects of the planet's biosystem. This baby's a few chips short of a wafer. Shut it down and you'll be hansomely rewarded. Commision:80,000 Meseta Want to go back?