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Bosses in Phantasy Star 4

This page will be all about the bosses in Phantasy Star 4 hopefully this info will be of some use. Zio:The black Magician he is the first major boss in the game he is reletively hard if your new to the game best level to be on is at least lv20 with everyone(exception is rune)here is how to defeat him

Chaz-crosscut,githu(use this when out of crosscut)and attack when you run out of TP,If your lucky use Rayblade(LV27)I don't think you'll wait that long Rika-Deban Psycho Wand dblslash gires sar and shift on Chaz Rune-hewn and rever(if you have it) Gryz-war cry(to bring up attack)and attack Demi-Barrier,attack,recover,Medic Power and phonomiezer (use halfway through battle to do serious damage) More to come later P.S.Get all the items in Nurvus some of them might be star dews and moon dews.