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Warp Rings

Warp Ring
The warp ring can be found directly north of the starting point. Avoid the Pk'ers and head up into the parlor area. From there you will see a ring run up to it and touch it to get it. This item will randomly warp you to any point on the main map! If you still need help finding it [boy are you stupid] then you can click HERE to see a map detailing the route that should be taken to find the warp ring.
Big City Warp Ring
This warp ring will warp you to the port entrance to Big City, It can be found right at the entrance upon the dock. If ya can't find this one than you really need some help
Tseng Town Warp Ring
This warp ring is mostly useless due to its proximity to the Big City warp ring, when used it will warp you to Tseng town which is found in a cave north of the Big City dock. Once inside Tseng town look for the "Graveyard" there you will find this warp ring.
Snow Town Warp Ring [or Zol's Warp Ring]
This warp ring is quite useful as it will warp you to the mayors house in snow town, it can be found by going to the house with a front yard that has the name "Zol" spelled out in flowers upon it. Once inside proceed up the stairs to the mayor and then go into his private room to the right. There should be a lady waiting for you there talk to her and the warp ring will appear! Click Here to See the Route to the Mayor's House
Avalon Warp Ring
This warp ring is another helpful item, found in the [currently] southernmost regions of Avalon. proceed south through the lake, once back on the path follow it southward until you reach a area that has a slightly open "picnic" area.[If you can't find the "picnic" or Avalon itself there than click HERE to find your way] The warp ring found in the middle of the "picnic" area has a different appearance than the other warp rings, and appears to look like a red moon with a ruby set upon it.
Silmarian Warper
The Silmarian Warper can be found in Silmaria , duh! Simply go south over the main bridge to the open tavern, just west of the tavern is a warp spot to be warped into Silmaria. Once inside look fore a building named Silmarian Market" inside you can talk to the clerk and she will sell you the warper for 30 gelat. Be forewarned though that the Warper will charge you bombs, gelat, and darts/arrows for use!
Zone Warp Ring
The "Zone" is a new level just resently added, this new area (which greatly resembles Angel Clan in usefullness) is located just south east of the start point. Below the arch and to the right one can find now a large cave opening, enter inside and speak to a NPC character wearing black/grey to get the new warp ring! This warp ring will warp you right back to Pk heaven (if thats where you want to go.)

Dart/Arrow Weapons

You get it when you start, duh!
The fireball is a powerful weapon that fires a fireball at the opponent. Similar to the Bow this item can be picked up at the MOD area. To find your way to MOD click HERE For a map showing the route to MOD from the starting point.
Um . . . can't be found online at the moment.
Super Bow
I have yet to find this weapon but it is said to be in the Chaos Continuium (also known as the CC). To get to the CC simple go south from the starting point and you will find a house just north of the main bridge. Inside you will find a man who will ask you if you desire to go to the CC say "Okay" and he will warp you there, but I would suggest doing this only when no one else is in the house. [If you get lost and can't find the CC than follow THIS map to find the place from the starting point]
This weapon shoots a barage of constant arrows until you let up on the "D" button or run out of arrows! Found in Ornett town the Auto-Bow only costs 50 rupees! [This fun weapon also has a map showing the route to it, simply click HERE to view it]

Bomb Weapons

You get it when you start, duh!
Super Bomb
The super bomb can be found at the mayor of Snow Town's house[Click HERE to view the route to Mayor Zol's house], inside the mayor will ask you for a contribution. If you contribute 5,000 rupees than he will give the super bombs. The super bombs deal out the same amount of damage as the regular bombs they just have a larger blast radius. [I have as of yet not been able to confirm if this is true because I don't have 5,000 rupees]
Fire Protect
The fire protect weapon everyone has problably seen at one time or another, it blasts out a regular bomb explosion an all directions and can be found underneath Graal Castle [click HERE to see where Graal Castle is]. This item is incredable hard to get so I would suggest not going for it until you have at least 10 hearts. I have failed to get it as of yet but I'll post any hints I can at getting through the long lines of baddies who block the long route to this powerful weapon.
Jolt Bomb
This is one of the many Items found whithin the CC, I have yet to find it but other guides point it out to be in the castle in the north. This item looks like a black pyriamid but blasts out a powerful jolt!

Useless Items

The Fire Staff
This item is completely useless, not only does it not doing anything put you have to run through a bunch of fire snakes to get it! The fire staff uses magic, which can not be found online, and unless you have magic this item will not do a bloody thing!
CC Map and Graal Map
These items, which were designed to fix a bug caused by one switching to the CC map (when you enter the CC your map changes to the CC map). But all I've found is that these items do absolutly no thing!
The Shovel can be found in the loveshack just west of the banck [which is west of the starting point] I don't really see any use this item, but it is free . . .
The Hammer could be a usefull item put I've really never come to a point in which I really needed it [except where you get it]. It can be found in Stephan's house at Onett City/Town, give the NPC inside a think it was 50 gelat and you'll get the hammer! It can be used to knock down those stakes that look like giant cloths pins, other than that its of no use.

Swell Items

OK, I know its stupid but they wouldn't fit under "useless items"
The Trident (which you all must have seen, as everyone seems to have it now, why am I always last =(? ) can be found in Antago's Manor along with the opposite boots and Destiny (don't ask). As soon as you enter say: "phantasmagoria" and a wall to the upper right hand corner will open up revealing the Trident. This item works like a really slow sword and deals 1 heart damage (although I've heard you can use it to pick up a bush and then it deals 1.5 damage)I got a screne shot of this so you can click HERE to see where to look.
The mace can be found west of Graal Castle (not in Avalon). This item works much like the Trident (only less powerful). Folllow the map presented HERE to find your way to a small hut where a aged man will give you hist Mace. Although neat to look at, the Trident would be a better choice to tote around.

The Graals!

The Graals are four holy grails which when collected together can be placed by the gate to the Golden Relm! Once you have all four you will be given access to this relm, inside you will find another two hearts and much much more . . .
RED Graal
The red graal can be found in MOD [I think if not you will find one graal there for sure]
Yellow Graal
Can be found in the old man's house just west of the Gnomes house [see Hearts ]. He will not let you in at first so you will have to coach him out with 100 gelat [place it at his front door]. He will thank you for the gift and permit you inside where you will find the Yellow Graal!
The Blue Graal
The blue Graal can be found just west of the golden gate . Proceed up the mountainside and enter into the alien spacecraft. Inside you will find a hard and mind boogling puzzle but don't worry I'm here to help you out! [click HERE to see how] First move the furthest over block upward, then skip a block to the left and push that block up, move the block that is left in the middle to the right, than push the next center block up ward, then move the block that you moved before back down and out of the way,push the other block out of the way and then move the last block into the lever! Put you are not done yet, now you must move down and switch all the levers on. The room in which the levers are found is just south of the main entrance room. Simply walk up to each lever and it will be turned on, turn on all three and the ship will lift off leaving you the blue graal!
The Green Graal
This graal is the easiest of them all, simply go accross the bridge to Kull's Castle , on the otherside you will find the green graal resting upon a carpet, snatch it up and hurry back to the golden gate to enter into the Golden Relm!
Blood Axe
. . .and who can forget the level 2 blood axe, for all you newbies who do not have this item, or don't know what the use of having a level 2 sword is I'll tell you! ITS TWICE AS POWERFUL AS THE SWORD YOU START WITH!!!! That's right, it takes away a whole heart, not a half, but a whole. Its easy to find and his free of charge, simply go to the cave in Angel Clan, or click HERE to find out where this cave is and where Angel Clan itself is.

You can also find all the maps listed here in the maps section of this site, simply click HERE or scrolling up and clicking on the maps icon on the top of the screen.

If any of the information found here is incorrect or if you have information on items not listed here than please E-mail me at with the corrections.