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Gheric's World of Tibia

Here you may learn the secrets to any and all of the mysteries of Tibia

As the forests echoed with laughter, the woodsmen of the warm southerly high tree forests went about there joyous business during the yearly festival where feasts are held in honor of their god, where these poor Elven folk are kings for a day. Arrows flew in archery contests, beer was poured as though it were river water, and the ancient Shaman of the Elves put on a display of magic that no mortal could contest, but in the air was something greater. . . .a miracle from the gods themselves. A human woman screamed in agony as she lay on her back and gave birth to her first born son Gheric, while the Elven father stood by her side.

None were happier that day than the parents of the new child but after the birth a chill came with the breeze and an erie feeling came over all that none could deny. Then it happened, as swiftly as the joy had come and gone, so did these foul beasts of strength greater than any Elven warrior knew. A flock of eight legged, Giant Spider like creatures swarmed through the village so swiftly that few could survive the wrath of their power. The new boy in the village was taken from his parents and given to the greatest of the Elven mages, he layed down a wall of fire on either side of himself, parting his escape. He was nicked by one of these beasts and poison was put into his veins but he carried on.

Mile after mile he trudged along until he came to a familiar man with his own temple where the boy could be safe, Oldrak was his name. And as the great mage put the boy in Oldrak's arms, he died there on the floor of the temple with poison running in his veins.

Years passed and the boy grew up, not knowing about his past and the tragic fate of his family, Oldrak kept it from him for his own good. Oldrak tought him the ways of his ancesters and the way of his own people, the order of the Nightmare Knights. And when he was of Elven age, his family's posessions were passed down and he was told the truth. He vowed to slay these beasts that had destroyed his peaceful people and bring honor to his family. Upon his chest he placed his Mithril coat of armor, and over his shoulder he slung a bow carved by the greatest of Elven craftsmen and set off on his way. As he left the safety of his home, Oldrak told him, "Gheric my son, keeps these words in your heart, A new day will dawn and the forests will echo with laughter again," and with that, Gheric disapeared into the woods. . .

Choose your path wisely and will you find what you seek

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