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Your walking through the woods when suddenly the ground gives out from under your feet. You get up, brush yourself off, and look around. You notice that you're in a vast tunnel that stretches in either direction. From the East you can see a light and decide to head towards it. After what seems to be a lifetime you reach the source of the light. It's a small room with a dying fire in the middle. In a corner next to a door you see what seems to be a guard. Motionless, he seems dead. As you walk towards him you hear voices from behind the door. You prepare yourself for the worst. Two elves emerge from behind the door and greet you. Their names are KuRaN and LanderZ. They then get a stern look in thier eyes as they ask what your business is here!?! You proceed to tell them about the ground caving in and ask where it is that you are. They simply reply with a smile and say head down this way, we will be along as soon as we repair the whole you've made. They walk in the direction from which you came and suddenly the door behind you swings open.