Ember's Tower Lv.1
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  • -Go east, then north
  • -north
  • -north. Some more unknown guards. Also, wait until 8:00 and flip the switches. All to 0 EXCEPT Minor Fire Elemental, which goes to 100.
  • -Go East
  • -East and LEAVE THE SWITCH ALONE!!!! If you flip it and come back, it does about 100-150 dmg to you!
  • -Go east again, and you are back at the beginning.
  • -Now, go beat guards and get Tokens for Herbs. Stock up on TONS of herbs.
  • -Go to the 1st set of hard guards, the ones guarding lvl 25 (from start they are e,e,e,s,s,s,s) Beat them, and go West. Flip the switch and go down. You are now in lvl 2 of Ember's Tower.
  • lvl 25, Ember's Tower part 2 (Short)
  • This is all the same as the non-magic user's part 2 of Ember's Tower besides 2-3 things:
  • 1. When you see the old lady, ask her for a book. She will hand you Ember's Flaming Fist. Since we already have it, you may as well click Go On! DON'T TAKE THE BOOK. If you click Go on, I BELIEVE she gives you Ember's Immolation, a HUGE spell! Try this out, and email LanderZVQ@Hotmail.com if you see proper results or not
  • 2. Enemies like shadowcompany grunts are easy for warriors, as 1 HUGE attack will kill them before they use spells to do like 500, or 200-some with saving. Just hope they fail, or your spell hits! Same with Fire Pods and Flame Spawn..On fire Pods, Ember's FLaming fist is a minimum spell..HOPE IT WORKS!
  • 3. In the room where it says "This is no place to fool around" It says to pay the guards 10,000 gold. You can beat them in battle, as a warrior at least...they have fairly large spells that can be used several times. A Wizard or Psionic may as well pay up, as they don't have the HP, save or no save, to withstand a round of that! Priests with over 150 HP can stand 1-2 rounds but need healing herbs pronto
  • 4. In the Hard room for Warriors, with 2 fire pods and 2 flame spawns..I have No idea how to help wizards or psionics..they hit you VERY hard! (like I saved with my priest, took out a fire pod, but still ended up with -270-some HP!) I say just hope for the best
  • 5. Elite Tower Guards are tough! Be very careful when fighting them!
  • Other then these, you may as well follow the Non-magic user walkthrough for lvl 25.