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Welcome to the reopening of Earthbound5000, now known as Eagleland. I, Stkboy87, would appreciate some help with this site, as I am the only one currently working on it. This site hopefully wont have the same fate as my old site, which is halted due to no updating because netscape composer got deleted again. I'm trying to learn html now, and I reccomend you do too before you try and make a site. I'm going to work on this site as hard as I can until Summer ends, when Summer does end expect some lesser updates... but dont expect this site to ever be frozen, I'll try as hard as I can not to. My email is
I currently need images for Twoson, Threed, HappyHapyVillage, and DustyDunes Desert! If you have a link to where I can

find them, or if you have them and want to send them, email me!

And to help you through the big country of EagleLand, here are your two guides!


Hey! What about us?!

Well you really only need two guides...

Hmph, well in that case I'm plotting agaisnt your death so I can become the guide!


Um yeah whatever, we have a guest here, so be nice.

If your too lazy to go around EagleLand in the SkyRunner, you can take the phase disorter, which will teleport you directly
to the links of EagleLand!

The links for the phase disorter are below, if you want to take the SkyRunner, click here!

FanFiction - Onett
Fangames - Onett
Polls - Onett
Guestbook - Twoson
Forums - Twoson
Links - Twoson
Updates - Happy Happy Village

Holy crap! Thats it?!

Stk just started on this site!

Dont forget to tell a friend about this under heavy construction, terrible, hard to navigate site!

You should be a salesman Stk!

Tell someone about this site!!
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Look how many people I've scared off!
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