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Quest Solution:
Find the Spear Ebonest

Where to get: From Leane Stormlance in the village in Garrote Gorge.

Promotion: This quest is required for promotion to Champion (but not otherwise required to advance in the game).

Summary: Leane's father, Blazen, second in command to Charles Quixote, set out to find and slay the legendary Skeletal Dragons, against the wishes of Quixote. In addition, he took Quixote's favorite spear, Ebonest, with him. He hasn't been seen since. In retribution, Quixote has refused to promote Leane to Champion. She tells the party that if Ebonest is recovered, she can secure her promotion, along with the promotions of all who helped recover the spear.

How to do: Ebonest is in the labyrinth beneath the Mad Necromancer's Lab in Shadowspire, inside a trapped treasure chest. Several Skeletal Dragons, as well as several Necromancers, will be guarding the labyrinth. For more detailed directions, see the RPG Module. Once you have it, return to Charles Quixote in Garrote Gorge to receive your promotion.

If you would like Leane (a 15th level Knight) to join your party, ask her to join after you have received the promotion. She will then be eligible as well. Realize, however, that Leane will not agree to join you unless you have also found her father, Blazen Stormlance, and he is with you when you return to her.

Note 1: Charles Quixote will continue to promote Knights in your party to Champion even if you side with the Dragons in the Alliance quest. Of course, you will have to fight your way to get to him for the promotion if you side with the Dragons.

Note 2: If you complete this quest after forming the Alliance with the Dragonhunters, Charles Quixote will not be in Garrote Gorge. You will find him in Ravenshore instead, at the Merchant House, where he is sitting as a member of the Alliance. He will promote the Knights in your party from there if you have completed the requirements.

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