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Here are some great vmu saves.


Finished power stone game

Power Stone 2 finished with all characters/modes unlocked

Over $200,000 in ceasers palace 2000

Everything unlocked in Sword of Berserk

Gauntlet Legends Finished with level 77 Valkyrie

Legacy of Kain: soul reaver done except for the final boss

All check points and good health/ammo in MDK2

Begining of game with everything in Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Perfect game in Tony Hawks Pro Skater

King, Master, all 28 clothes, lots of money and ranked #2 in the world in Virtua Tennis

All missions/characters unlocked in Soul Calibur

Jacks last save before final boss in Carrier

Mad mode (All guns, Unlimited Ammo and Faster fire rate) in Blue Stinger