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Altered Gettysburg Day 1 Scenario

Below is the altered Gettysburg Day 1 Scenario, based on the design of
Dennis Snow, which will print out to full size.

The original is missing the cornfields. Also, the Chambersburg Pike has been included and both ridges (along with Willoughby Run) realigned to accomodate it, based on the McElfresh Maps with each hex equal to 800ft.

Oak and McPherson's Ridges are actually gradual rises which continue all the way to Seminary Ridge. They are much like the rises across Pickett's Charge and are not militarily significant, therefore the game play was changed and no movement or battle effects apply on those hexes. Seminary Ridge is a true landmark overlooking the town just off the board, so Battle effects apply there. Similarly, Willoughby Run is much like Plum Run running between Devil's Den and the Roundtops, so no movement restrictions should apply there either. You may want to give an extra hex movement bonus for any unit traveling on the Chambersburg Pike if you desire to represent it. Road, cornfield and Seminary hexes are under development.

To obtain a copy of the graphic below, click here for Explorer users and here for Netscape users. Then make sure your printer is set for LANDSCAPE mode and print it out.

Actual File is 244KB.