Matriarch Danish_Turkey



The famed amazons that came from the outskirts of the Great Ocean gradually were integrated into Sanctuary society. Their initial rivals, the Sisters of the Sightless Eye, were greatly outmatched, as the rogues that had existed during Diablo's first rising had limited potential.

Tristram was devastated by the conflict in the time of Diablo's initial reign, though it was still standing well in comparison to its modern state. At the borders where none were allowed to cross was a mysterious turkey. It was like no other turkey in Sanctuary: it was large and intelligent. Around its neck was a tag that stated the following: "Test subject #062: 23 stimulants given. -Baron Triton of Denmark, 2107 A.D."

When Diablo was presumably slain, the turkey was moved to the Rogue Encampment (the citizens of Tristram feared that the people attending the hero's celebration would seek to roast it for food) and was forgotten about, until the Dark Wanderer arose. When this cloaked figure plowed through the Encampment, the resulting chaos caused an Amazon to trip and fall over the turkey just as a bolt of energy shot by the Wanderer hit both of them.

Later, a journeying Necromancer stayed for a short time. His name was Kasphet, though others called him differently during his ventures. When conjuring his various summoning spells, he would add a piece of fruit to the magical concoction, for seemingly no reason. Mocked as "WutUDoWithFruit" (though he was very powerful), he happened upon the corpses of aforementioned turkey and amazon. Taking pity on their cause, he attempted a spell of resurrection. However, during the spell a watermelon fell out of his pack and mingled with the spell. Both the fallen souls were brought back to life, but they had swapped bodies!

While the amazon had to forever reside as a turkey and eventually disappeared, the turkey, now with a human body, demonstrated surprisingly powerful skills in archery, felling many a great warrior easily. It is said that often with the most powerful beings comes a story of eternal mystery.


Turkey did not rely on the typical reflexive skills that many amazons cannot live without; her animal instincts gave her more than enough ability in this area. Instead, she chose to do all she could, and became one of the first hybrids, training both Javelin and Bow abilities. Soon enough, she got proficient in both areas, to the point that she sought human competition, with stunning results.


Buriza-Do Kyanon (ninth decade of Destruction) - The ninth decade of Destruction's reign made its mark in many items; this enchanted ballista was one of them. Before, it had been a novelty weapon used sparingly; now, it was a devastating crossbow capable of one-hit kills.

Most amazons keep to themselves, but Turkey knew she must seek other heros to fully prepare the best equipment she could find. She befriended Matriarch_Zeal in that respect. One day, Zeal found a strange enchanted ballista that she had no use for, and bartered with Turkey. Turkey gave up two Stone of Jordans for this weapon that she had never dared dream would be hers one day.

Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest/Vampire Gaze (ninth decade of Destruction) - The legendary mage Tal Rasha left many duplicates of his personal armor and orb around the land. After his corruption, they were stolen, one by one, by Baal's minions. A lucky adventurer could find valuable treasures such as these by killing the forces of Baal. Tal Rasha left many of these masks in particular, knowing that fighters would make good use of them, as Turkey did. Turkey also sought after a Vampire Gaze, a mysterious bone helmet that would grant the user an aura of protection as well as a vampiric curse on their weapon that leeches life and mana to the user. This wonderous helmet she peddled for with a Stone of Jordan.

Among her many journeys, magical jewels dropped daily. Most were mundane and almost completely useless, but she did find one that was worthy of being socketed in Tal Rasha's sacred mask. It enhanced Turkey's damage even more, beyond the likes of anything seen before.

Titan's Revenge - Indeed, with a part-time job as a Javelin user, Turkey wanted to be fully prepared with a superb weapon to use the gift the High Priestess of Zerae gave her: consecrating electric energy within her javelin in the form of lightning. Only this legendary javelin could withstand the sheer fury that Turkey was able to summon with the will of the goddesses.

Moser's Blessed Circle - Agift of Zeal was this shield she had used in her early days, when she sought the bonus of resistance. Now that she had many charms to suit those needs, Zeal thought it best to pass on this shield to Turkey, who needed a shield counterpart to her new-found javelin. It was a reward, as Turkey had saved Zeal's daughter, Claradisia, from a pack of brigands.

Shaftstop - A Twitchthroe was what Turkey initially donned, and it served her well. However, after almost having her arms severed by a careless Barbarian, she decided she needed some way of protecting her body very well. She looked high and low, and almost traded away her Vampire Gaze for a high-defence plate. Yet, a new mystery presented itself, as a Sorceress came from the winds and dropped a glowing armor next to her as she sat. Before Turkey could respond, the Sorceress disappeared as quickly as she had come. Turkey had the armor she was looking for.

Another of the Elite Emissary had appeared, Tal_Sapphire, who was too fatigued to carry her new-found Stormshield and decided to do this Amazon a favor.

The Cat's Eye - Relating her experiences with Zeal, they both found that a certain amulet, the Nozokan Relic, constantly appeared. Both tried to pawn it off for some decent items, but found no success. Frustrated, they sold off the amulets for gold. Zeal had run out of space, so she gave away her earned gold to Turkey. Zeal then left on an errand. Turkey used the gold to gamble an amulet, and got relatively lucky, finding an amulet of rare quality. The magical attributes were of no use to her though, and she promptly searched for a buyer. One enterpriser gave her a deal that was too good to be true...a Cat's Eye for the amulet. She gladly accepted, and could scarcely wait to tell Zeal the events of that day.

Raven Touch - During the sixth decade of Terror and beforehand, items with rare quality (but not fully enchanted to be of legendary status) were highly prized, as only meagar items were legendarily enchanted in those days, and veteran heroes sought higher-quality goods. After the age of Terror and well into the age of Destruction, heroes discovered that legendary items had indeed become powerful, reflecting their scarcity. Only a few items of rare quality remained powerful. One of them was this pair of gloves, giving the bearer faster attacking speed and higher proficiency in bow/crossbow ability as well as the ability to find magical items. A Carver was wearing these before Turkey took the liberty of liberating them.

Natalya's Soul - Natalya resided in Kurast for some time during the age of Terror. She headed towards the Barbarian Highlands and was never heard from again, leaving only duplicates of her gear. Her boots enchanted the wearer with protection from the cold and electricity while accelerating the user's running. Turkey cannot recall when she found these, though it was rather late in her career.

Thundergod's Vigor - It was when Turkey met Zeal and she told her about slaying Mephisto that something seemed to be amiss. Deckard Cain had reminded Turkey only that same day that Mephisto needed to be killed. How was he alive, yet not alive? To that end, Zeal accompanied Turkey to the Durance of Hate, and sure enough, Mephisto was alive and well. Though he was bolstered by having two souls to drain life from instead of one, they took him down with little problem. While questioning this strange phenomenon, they discovered a war belt enchanted for Amazon benefit. Zeal courteously gave the belt to Turkey as a token of their friendship.

Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band/Manald Heal - The story behind Turkey's Manald Heal is a short one; it was found within Duriel's corpse. However, Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band presents an oddity: who did Bul-Kathos marry? It seemed like he had married over 1,000 maidens, as there were at least that many wedding bands scattered across Sanctuary. Turkey's animal instincts enabled her to pry one from a monster's corpse before her party mates could.


I used this character for a mule at first. One of my friends made a dueling Amazon, and when I saw how cheap the Ballista was, I decided to follow suit. It goes to show that you can use almost any equipment with this weapon, since its innate abilities are so powerful.